Frizzle Frazzle Friday

I had a senior moment earlier this week! Yay! At least I’ll be prepared for when I really slip into dementia, right? Anyway, remember when I said I had an appointment this week to get impressions for my teeth so that I don’t grind them at night? Well I left early that day to get to the dentist’s place on time, and then found out that I was there on the wrong day. Right day of the week, wrong week. Ack. I’m set up for next Tuesday.

Since I’m an independent adult and it’s Friday, I just ordered some food to be delivered to Chez Tara. I ordered from Dominoes Pizza, but I didn’t order pizza. They have a chicken habenero sub sandwich that has pineapple in it. I never thought I’d find that a good combination, but I tried it once before and…..well it was beyond tasty. Anyway, I will be enjoying that, plus some breadsticks in all of my rebelliousness.

I’ll be shopping for a new computer on Sunday. In the meantime, hopefully I can stop by the lieberry and check my mail that way. I’ve been doing pretty well going without a computer at home for a few days, but I think I’ll be seeing hallucinations if I don’t get a new one soon.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have a fun, fun time!


5 thoughts on “Frizzle Frazzle Friday

  1. That sandwich sounds so good. I’ll have to try it some time…and I feel empowered to do so, as an independent adult!
    I hope you are able to find a computer that is both affordable and just right for you :-)
    Have a great weekend, Tara.

  2. Laura: It WAS good! So were the breadsticks and cinnamon sticks I ordered along with it! I know how to party. :)

    Churlita: I need to try their other sandwiches. They look good too.

    Silver: Thank you! I bought one on Sunday! I love it. A little pricey, but so far it’s very worth it.

    Eros: Eventually I’ll get myself a laptop. I did buy a Mac computer, though!

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