“You’re a….Jonas Brother.”

How was the weekend for everyone? Mine was pretty nice, and then because I have Friday off, I’ve got a three-day weekend comin’ up!

Still reading the “Twilight” series. These books are gonna kill me, I swear. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so into a group of characters in a story. It’s quite exhausting and I get emotional over some parts. Just when I tell myself that I’ll just read one more page before going to bed, that “one page” turns into two, three and then I’m done with that particular book.

I finished the third book, “Eclipse” on Saturday – sat in my room most of the time, deep, deep into the suspense and romance. Of course I had to stop and eat, but then I went right back to it. I started thinking that, if I finished the book that day, I would be able to go see the movie on Sunday. I finished the book, then looked at the time. It was 2am in the morning!

As a reward for all of that reading, I did go to see “Eclipse” before it had a chance to leave the theaters. It was pretty good! The movie did its own thing in some parts, but many of the details from the book were woven into the mix. I was impressed with the fight scenes, they lasted long enough and didn’t drag on. I was surprised that they used someone different to play the ravenous, vengeful vampire, “Victoria”. Based on how they described her in the third book, though, they cast her correctly again. It was driving me crazy, trying to figure out why the new Victoria looked so familiar, and then I found out she was played by Bryce Dallas Howard from “Spiderman 3” and “The Village”. Huh! Who knew?

Anyway, I’m now reading the last book, “Breaking Dawn”, and will be ready for that movie to come out when it comes out. Then I’ll have to find another book to sink my teeth into, no pun intended….Okay, maybe it was intended.

Next weekend, I’m going with a friend to see “Vampires Suck”. I know it’ll be pretty stupid, but it looks so funny. Some parodies don’t even interest me in their trailers, but this one still has me laughing:

Here’s a clip from the movie:


11 thoughts on ““You’re a….Jonas Brother.”

  1. Tim: Enjoy your book addiction! I didn’t know that “Youth in Revolt” was a book series before the movie!

    Manuel: The DJs on the radio station I listen to in the morning were discussing that book! Thank you, that’ll be my next one.

  2. Did I hear that Breaking Dawn is going to be done in two parts as a movie? I LOVE when I find a series like that to get into…it has been a long time since I’ve read much besides stand alone things. I do like the Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman, but I haven’t read nearly all of them.
    Let us know how you like Vampires Suck!

  3. Laura: Yup, it’ll be in two parts! Should be a very strange movie, according to what I’ve read so far in the book. I’m looking forward to seeing “Vampires Suck”.

    Tim: That reminds me of the book series a coworker is going through. I think it’s a 7 book series. She’s really into it, and I’m torn between starting those books next and starting “The Passage”.

  4. Nothing like getting into a series of books and being addicted! I love it. Right now I’m really into this crime writer, Michael Connelly, his stuff is really good and quite a page turner. Plus most of his stuff takes place in the southwest, so I’m somewhat familiar with the setting, hehe…

  5. NoR: Tee hee. :P

    Sebastien: Hi! Oh I know, and I loved looking forward to sitting down to read more of this series! I just wish she would finish “Midnight Sun”.

    Churlita: They are addictive. I try to read a bit during lunch, but there’s that pesky time limit to worry about.

    Suze: What I’ve read of the last book, so far….well it’s strange and it makes me nervous. Not like the previous books that had me all giddy and excited.

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