Workety Work

Work has been fairly uneventful lately, except that the director of our school left last Friday for a new job. She was a pretty cool manager to have around, so she’ll be missed. It’ll be interesting to meet our next manager once we’ve….no…once they’ve hired one.

Here is some funny dialogue that has happened recently:

One of our other department managers, K, stopped up at the front desk one morning and said, “I’ll be in room 11 if any shit hits the fan.” Nothing of the sort hit any kind of fan, but it was funny and comforting to know that she was available just in case it did.

On my way back into the building after lunch about a week ago, I stopped to greet one of our tech guys who was taking a smoke break:

KT (not Tunstall): Where did you go for lunch?
Me: My place!
KT: (teasing) Never heard of it! Good food?
Me: The best!
KT: How’s the service?
Me: You have to help yourself.
KT: So you service yourself, huh?

That was my cue to go back into the building and not say anything else to encourage him.

My friend and coworker, R, just went on a 60 mile walkathon to support the cure for breast cancer. I seriously and fully intend on signing up for that next year, and I think she wants to do it again too. It’ll be a very good goal to focus on. Anyway, after all of her walking, of course there would be a few muscles that had to recover. We laughed when she grabbed her backside and said, “I’ve got a hitch in my giddey-up!”

One of my other coworkers is bound determined to upset me about his hatred for cats, but he doesn’t realize that my four brothers, although they weren’t anti-cat, loved to tease me until I couldn’t stand it. I’m pretty immune to that kind of thing, so it’s fun to banter and laugh with him, giving it right back.

This job is not without its little flaws. We all (my coworkers and I) know that the people in one specific department can change moods in a heartbeat and not feel any remorse for whatever spiteful acid comes out of their mouths when they’re under pressure. I received an annoying email from one of the people in that department today over something trivial that could’ve been handled sooo much better from her angle. At first I thought she was joking, so I didn’t take her seriously. But then I realized she was having a bit of a tantrum because she hadn’t gotten her way. She had the nerve to finish the message with the lines, “It’s okay. We like you.” Oh, my, how comforting. I can live in peace now. Sheesh. Anyway, without sharing any of her nasty enthusiasm, I still managed to stand my ground.

I won’t share that story with anyone I work with, especially my other friend who has the uncanny patience, still, to work specifically for that department. She has enough fire in her that she’d fight back with a vengeance, which would include a witch trial complete with torture tactics. I’m not like that, no matter how much I’d kind of like to be at times. I don’t like conflict and I’m tired of taking that negatively. My coworker would get enraged by the idea that someone’s trying to tell us how to do our jobs. I am frustrated and irritated about it, just not enough to make a fuss. Even the guy I used to work with in the other department has the nerve to occasionally tell me how to screen calls for him. Although I’m the one screening, he’s the one that looks bad. It’s not my problem.

Anyway, that’s the good and bad of it, but mostly it’s good. I feel better about going into work now than I ever did, and I know that whatever diva matters crop up, it’ll be smoothed….or iced….over soon enough. We all seem to know each other somewhat. I just wish some people could be more sensitive and tactful.


6 thoughts on “Workety Work

  1. It sounds as though you work in a mostly harmonious and friendly atmosphere. Of course, there is always the occasional pill, but if you are lucky, you have work friends to laugh at them with. It is nice to see you so happy at work…I mean we do spend sooooo much time there!

  2. It sounds as if things are going well.. there is always a Diva or Drama in the work place.. but if you are happy in the new job.. then Happy Days to you!..

  3. Manuel: He may have been flirting and teasing at the same time. He’s a good worker and can be funny!

    Laura: That’s a good way of describing her, she can be a pill! But yeah, we all have a good time most days!

    NoR: Oh yeah, and his coworkers aren’t any better. We have to be careful how we phrase things around them, because we know they’ll instantly find the innuendo.

    Churlita: It isn’t a bad job, I love it! The frustrations don’t last long, and we’re able to move on quickly.

    BabyBull: Thank you! :) Things are going well, and last month I did get a noticeable raise!

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