Take a Photo of the View from Your Work Desk Today

Hey, did you ever wonder what it was like to see what a receptionista sees from her desk? Well this is what I see at around 7:30 in the morning, before the students start coming in. It’s kind of nice. I’m not scheduled to arrive until 7:30, but I get there at around 7 to start the coffee, wake up the copier, turn on the DVD player that plays a loop of success stories of people who have attended college at some of our campuses (it runs on a loop each day – I can quote from it, if you’d like), and unlock any doors that need to be unlocked. It’s calm at 7:30, so this is what calm looks like!

I should take a photo one of these days of the characters who come through this area to pester and amuse me! It’s one of the main areas of action ’round here. I hear and see many things.


7 thoughts on “Take a Photo of the View from Your Work Desk Today

  1. The view definitely shows you’re at the center of all the action! You know who’s coming and who’s going. Sometimes, it’s nice to be the first one there, to have the place to yourself, so you can just set things up the way you want and be ready to face the day.

  2. Silver: It’s not a bad gig.

    Eros: Exactly!

    Laura B: Yeah, it’s funny – if we’re preparing for someone from our corporate office, I feel like we’re preparing for a huge event. I feel like singing, “Overture! Curtains, lights!” :D

  3. FW: Thank you! It definitely is much better than that last position!

    NoR: Lol – I would be the backup power, it’s true! Thankfully I don’t run through the loop while I’m trying to sleep. If I’m sitting at my desk at work, and I hear one line, I can immitate that person and quote their success story.

    “He did it, but at the same time I feel like I did it also. Cuz whatever I had pushed for all these years….It came true.” <— See?

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