August 2010! It’s Here!

Hey everyone! Well I finally sat down about 20 minutes ago and assembled the Eclectic holiday list for August. Thank you again for all of your help! According to Ken V., August is “National Golf Month”. Here is a photo from a “Seinfeld” episode of the character George holding up a golf ball he found in the blow hole of a whale that wound up being the same ball Kramer hit into the ocean. Kramer’s response? “Oh, a hole in one!” God, I love that show.

"What, is that a Titleist?"

1. Celebrate a New Month Day!
2. Quote Your Favorite Lines from “Office Space” Today to Cure the “Case of the Moondays”.
3. National Watermelon Day
4. Kick Back Dude’s 25th Birthday!
5. “The Three Amigos” Appreciation Day! Find a plethora of ways to appreciate the movie!
6. Take a Photo of the View from Your Work Desk Today
7. Mustard Day
8. “Senior Moment” Appreciation Day
9. Force Yourself to Watch a Movie You Hate Today
10. Love Bug’s 3rd Birthday!/S’More’s Day/Daffy’s Birthday
11. Perseid Meteor Shower (3-Day Event)
12. NoRegret’s Birthday!/Perseid Meteor Shower
13. Perseid Meteor Shower/Watch “Friday the 13th” Tonight!
14. National Creamsicle Day (Mmm, creamsicles….)
15. National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day (But Don’t Fail to Relax!)
16. Ksra’s Birthday!
17. Have Fun Shopping at a Thrift Store Today (National Thriftshop Day)
18. Bad Poetry Day
19. Mr. Snuffleupagus’s Birthday! (Sesame Street Character)
20. Happy Friday!!/Vacation Day for Tara!
21. Share a Dentist Story Today (Funny Things You Experienced During a Dentist Appointment)
22. Chocolate Brownie Appreciation Day
23. National Spongecake Day
24. Clean Your Bathroom(s) Today
25. Banana Split Day
26. Start Your Christmas Shopping Today
27. Do Something Super Nice, If Not Saintly Today (Mother Teresa’s Birthday – 1910)
28. Go Against the Grain Today
29. Little Prince’s 2nd Birthday!
30. Update Your Address Book Today (Christmas Card Season is Coming!)
31. National Trail Mix Day


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