Well it seems August is approaching by the very end of this week (Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY)! I have one of my vacation days planned in August, so I’m looking forward to an extended weekend a few weeks down the road.

Anyway, even though I’ve been neglecting the Eclectic holidays, I still want to keep the list alive. What do you want to celebrate in August? Sharing is caring! :)

Enjoy your Wednesday, every last one of ya!

Sunset 2 - July 2006

Here’s a sunset from a few years ago – don’t know if this was taken in the Fall or Summer…or somewhere in between.

5 thoughts on “Augusto

  1. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Love me some watermelon! The 10th is S’More’s day. Gotta do that one. The 7th is Mustard Day. Plain ‘ol yellow for me. The 25th is Banana Split Day. Make sure to remember that one! It’s also the National Golf Month. I’ll do my best to observe that multiple times.

    Hey Tara! Good post and nice sunset.

  2. Oh, I want the calendar to live forever! I love it :-) I have a few birthdays, if that’s okay
    Aug 4 – my son Kick Back Dude – 25 (!)
    Aug 10 – Love Bug – 3
    Aug 29 – Little Prince – 2

  3. KenV: This is great – lots of food days for August! Thank you! :)

    Laura: Aww, thank you! I’m glad you still like the calendar! Yes, those birthdays will certainly be added!

    Nor: Very cool! Thank you!

    Manuel: Perfect! That day will be infamous!

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