I bought a book last weekend at the craft store that gave directions on making different soaps. I know how to make the basic bar of soap with materials, but they also showed how you can combine other natural ingredients. Even better, it included the benefits of each ingredient.

I made a bar of oatmeal soap, but added honey, olive oil, water and powdered milk to the recipe. The powdered milk and the honey (not to mention the oatmeal base) are supposed to make the skin look clearer and feel softer. I’ve been washing my face with the bar I made for a week now, and the one pimple I had has dried up and vanished. I worried that my face would break out more if there was oil in the soap, but so far so good!

Now I have more bars of soap than I can handle right now! Won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon!


7 thoughts on “Bubbly

  1. That soap sounds good enough to eat.

    I once asked a girl in Lush – a eco-soap/cosmetics shop over here – if she’d ever tried eating any of their soaps and she admitted she had.

  2. Churlita: They’re so fun to make. I made so much that I’ll have to take another trip to the craft store. Oh darn. ;)

    Tim: I also put some nutmeg in the soap, so that smells good too. I’ve known of soaps that smell almost good enough to eat, but I’ve never tried. When I was a kid, I did used to nibble on fruit-flavored lipgloss.

    Laura B: I have given a few out as gifts before. I almost hesitate on it, I don’t want my friends thinking I’m implying they *need* soap. My brother teased me about that once.

  3. AlienCG: Edible soap! I’ll fire up the microwave!

    Silver: That’s a good idea! Thank you! I think I’ll look into that, nothing wrong with making a few extra bucks!

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