“C” is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me!

I finally finished reading “Twilight” and am now into “New Moon”. Yesterday, though, I took a break from reading because my two-disc DVD set of the movie arrived! So after I went for a walk after work, showered and changed into PJs, I sat down on the livingroom floor (my movie-watching mode) and started the movie. I had to stop it at 9pm so I could watch “The Closer”, but then I went back to it and finished watching. I could appreciate the movie more this time, but there were some scenes I wish they hadn’t sped through. I wish they had added more detail from the book in some spots. I still think they did a really good job with most (not all) of the casting.

Yesterday, almost at the end of my shift, I found myself in an incredibly good mood. I’m usually in fairly high spirits in my new position, but this was extra happy. A coworker actually came by much earlier that day and sat her cup down while she went to the restroom. The white canvass of the styrofoam cup called to me, and I felt compelled to draw on it. Since she is a crazed cat fan (similar to moi), I drew her a cat. Then later that day she placed another cup down as she went off and I drew a picture of a sleeping cat which she was ecstatic about (screaching with delight, actually), so the need to be creative started my natural high.

One of our new managers came by later and asked me if I wanted one of her homemade chocolate chip cookies she made for her department. The cookie was huge and it was filled with chocolate chips. It was delicious. I felt good about that, too, she seems comfortable with all of us and is so friendly. So that added to my high.

My manager sent me a cute email too, with cats and puppies and other animals. She doesn’t usually send me stuff like that, so it was nice! Maybe there was something in the coffee that day? Or the cookies? Hmm. I’m not going to question it any further. Bring on more days of happy!


13 thoughts on ““C” is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me!

  1. Moods like that are worth holding onto! Seems to have a lot to do with making other people happy and just random acts of kindness :-) I am going to try and follow your example today and just watch for the fun and goodness in people.

  2. Laura B: Sometimes it is just so nice – everyone seems to be an playful, fun moods and it makes the day feel like we’re not working at all!

    Tim: I felt a tad suspicious when I felt extra happy after my first bite of that cookie! But I do think it was just one of those good days….and one of those good cookies.

  3. Very nice to read about your good day! Cookies never fail. Even if they’re not all that good, they’re still ‘good’.

    Here’s an address to a Flickr album of some cool styrofoam cup art:

    golden child
  4. Churlita: Thank you! Yup, I’m much happier than I was in my last position.

    KenV: Wow, those cups are cool! I like the one with the red balloon standing out. It reminds me of Shel Silverstein drawings.

    Silver: It’s great! Suddenly everything seems easy and upbeat.

    Eros: Sometimes I’m not into cookies – they have to be a specific kind. Although I love chocolate chip cookies, I don’t always crave them. This one hit the spot.

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