“Legend and Lore”

Hey, hey! Before Friday is over, let’s check out the weekly meme from “Friday 5”, shall we? Laura B. has some cool answers. Check those out!

1. Most neighborhoods have at least one place that’s (according to lore) haunted. What the haunted place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?
– There was a place near my brother’s apartment that was supposed to be haunted. I didn’t know much about that one. Once my imagination formed in my little head and I began to like ghost stories, I thought that our own house was haunted. My dad once confessed that he thought we weren’t alone in the house. My imagination was always messing with my head in that house. As I gained a taste for scary movies, I would be the only one awake in the old house. I’d hear the house settling (at least I think those were the noises I’d hear), and I’d get so frightened that I’d be afraid to go up the stairs after watching a scary movie (“The Omen” for example….shiver).

2. Most neighborhoods have at least one place where some kid (according to legend) did something daring, dangerous, and most likely stupid. What’s the place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?
– That was usually in the park in back of us. I do remember a kid messing around and falling off of the slide, breaking his collar bone. Soon after that, they put down rubber matting. I had also heard of a couple getting frisky in the sandbox. Sounds uncomfortable.

3. Most neighborhoods have some lame building (like a bank or a gas station) where there used to be something much, much cooler. What’s the place in your neighborhood (or in the neighborhood where you grew up), and what’s the story?
– Hmm….I can’t think of a place. I’m just glad that they didn’t tear down my grade school like I had heard they would do. They are changing things around at work, but I’m not sure if that’ll be cool or annoying. Stay tuned!

4. In most neighborhoods of our youths, there are a few places that almost always cause us to say, “That’s the place where I _________.” What’s one such place in the neighborhood where you grew up, and what’s the story?
– There was a hill in back of a school a few streets down where we used to go sled riding. That was THE PLACE for our family, it was perfect. I remember my brother taking me and the dog, and he made up a superhero story making our dog, Precious, the faithful sidekick. I also remember that path down the hill as a shortcut home.

5. Where in the neighborhood where you grew up would you most likely run into someone today who knew you when you were a kid?
– I think it would be the grocery store on Bunts Avenue. It happened frequently when my family first moved to another town while I was in college. If we went to that place while visiting the town, we’d inevitably wind up bumping into old neighbors.


4 thoughts on ““Legend and Lore”

  1. Where I grew up, everyone saw ghosts–it was just a fact of life. Nothing to be afraid of, so long as you leave them be, they’ll leave you alone. But I totally get what you mean by freakin yourself out by watching a scary movie at home. When I saw that original Grudge movie–the Japanese version–I was freaked out about shadows in the corner and little Japanese boys making noises!

    A sandbox is really just a very unromantic place for anyone! Seriously, that’s just gross–I’ve seen kids and animals pee and poop in the sandbox! It’s definitely no beach!

    Oh, I remember they tore down this lovely wooded lot at the end of the street. There’s a bank built on that lot now. I much preferred the old trees and bushes and flowers that used to grow there.

    I think the place in the neighborhood to hang out while we were growing up had to be the fields behind our homes. For some reason, all the neighborhood kids preferred hanging out over at our farm–probably because fields were mixed with wild trees and plants that we just farmed around. It was easy to imagine we were in a jungle somewhere, exploring.

    If I ever went back to the old neighborhood, the farmer’s market or the airport would probably be the best place to run into people from the old neighborhood. There’s only airport back home, and the old farmer’s market is still be the biggest and best place to buy stuff.

  2. Your rememberence of the superhero story made me think of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, specificaly Firestar and her little dog Ms Lion. Did you watch that as a kid?

    Loving the new layout (OK, so it probably isn’t that new, but I haven’t visited in a week or so – Eeek!).

  3. Eros: Have you seen ghosts before? Yeah, I thought the idea of that couple in the sandbox sounded gross. Blergh.

    Laura B: It was! My kind of subject, too! My imagination runs away with me with books more. I’m jaded by horror movies, I think. They’d have to be really special to freak me out. :)

    IDV: I vaguely remember watching that show, but usually I was watching Thundercats and Scooby Doo ….and a few other ones that I miss so much!

    Thank you, I’m glad you like the layout! It’s still kind of new!

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