F.Y.I. Friday

TGIF, everyone! I’ve been kind of quiet again, but that’s because of my recent book-reading craze. I was up reading more of “Twilight” last night, and I finally had to put the book down and back away. I wasn’t even that interested in the internet, if you can believe it! Strange for me, actually.

It’s a healthy break, though. Or maybe it isn’t since I’m gaining a whole new respect for the whole “Twilight” saga. Even though the book is so much more better and has more detail than the movie, I just ordered the two-disc DVD. I want to see it again without feeling compelled to roll my eyes.

– On a totally different topic, I decided to round up all of my vacation days and put them in their places. I have a day off in August, a week off in September, the entire week of Thanksgiving, three or four days off before Christmas and a few days off before the new year. Very exciting!

– Still enjoying my job as the official receptionista. It’s much more enjoyable than my last position. I was talking to my oldest brother last night and told him what was going on, and he seemed to think I made a good choice too. Not that I need someone to tell me I made a wise decision taking this job, but it has also been helpful to have so much support behind my decision. 

– Yesterday I went into a laughing fit because my coworker was laughing at my pre-sneeze face. She even gave me a reenactment. Then the phone rang and I had to quickly compose myself. That’s not easy in the middle of a laugh attack. Good times, though. :)


6 thoughts on “F.Y.I. Friday

  1. My daughter-in-law has read the Twilight books at least three times. Their fan base seems to be really, really strong.

    I think it is great that you have all your vacation days in order. I love having things like that to look forward to. Even with a job you enjoy…like being the office receptionista :-)

  2. I’m so happy at how things are going great for you! Who knew when this year started all the wonderful surprises and changes you would experience? You’re truly lucky to have a job that you love and work in place that values you and makes your work enjoyable! That’s a wonderful thing!

  3. Laura B: They are difficult books to put down! I can see how so many people are into them. I finished “Twilight” last night and am now into “New Moon”. I might read “Twilight” again after I’ve read all of the books.

    Silver: I hope you’re still enjoying your job! Once you’re able to get that week, it’ll be so nice!

    Eros: Thank you! If someone asked me at the end of the year what had happened, I would’ve drawn a blank, actually. I usually am capable of rolling from one drama to next. :P

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