Those Damned Cullens

Despite my lukewarm feelings about the “Twilight” movies, I was curious about the books. On the same day I returned the book that I lost interest in for a book discussion, I thought I should check out “Twilight” while I was there. Not surprisingly, all the books from the Twilight craze were all checked out. They asked me if I wanted to reserve a copy, and they would let me know when it was available. I shrugged and signed up for that deal.

They emailed me last week to let me know I could pick up my book. I went there in the scorching heat, wondering if it was all worth it, and picked it up and checked it out at the desk with ease. Once I got home, I started reading it…and reading…and reading. I knew that, since I saw the first two movies, I would unfortunately picture the actors while reading the book, rather than make up my own images and use my imagination. I have to admit, they did a pretty good job casting the characters. I just wish they had been more careful with Bella’s character. Surely there was someone out there with more expressive eyes? Anyway, I also pictured Robert Pattinson as the vampire, Edward Cullen. I didn’t have a problem with that because….confession time….he’s kinda cute and alluring in his own special way.

One of my coworkers found out I was getting into the books, and she said that, when I’m ready to read more, she would loan me her books. I think she said she has all of them. She also told me about an unpublished book that you can find on Stephanie Meyer’s website. It’s like Twilight, but it is told through the character Edward Cullen’s point of view. I was able to read some of it on Friday when it was so quiet up at the front desk. It was so easy to get into that version.

My mom and I went to a flea market on Saturday. I bought some jewelry and was still on the hunt for other things. I played with the idea of maybe finding a copy of one of the “Twilight” books. We were almost done browsing, when my mom said, “Look, ‘Twilight’!” Not only was there a paperback copy of “Twilight” (like new), there was also a copy of “New Moon” right underneath it.  Only $2 for each book. I did not hesitate.

Now I have my own copy of two of the books and I can return the rented one to the library. I spent Saturday night sipping beer (I splurged and bought a six-pack of Samuel Adams – the cherry wheat flavor) and reading my book. Good times, good times.

What did all of you do during the weekend?


11 thoughts on “Those Damned Cullens

  1. Cool!!! I love it when I discover a series of books that is just gripping. Can’t say I’ve tried twilight though, doesn’t sound like my thing, but I do want to read the Lightning Thief series, my sister loved it.

  2. Seems most people who have read the books and seen the movies say the books are much better…but that isn’t unusual when bringing books to the screen.
    Glad you got a great deal on two books that you were so into!

  3. Oooo… love me some Sam Adams. Haven’t tried cherry wheat yet. Is it good?

    Not a huge fan of ‘book to movie’ either. I really like Clive Cussler’s work and they did a good job on the movie Sahara, but the omissions usually disappoint me. Like the scene when they’re riding the ‘land-sailing’ airplane. A good chunk of the book told the story from the time they found the plane till the time it was actually moving. Totally left out in the movie.

    Sound like you had a nice weekend. I love my ‘reading’ weekends too. They don’t happen nearly enough.

  4. Liked #1-3, and despised #4 and couldn’t wait for it to end. Maybe because I read them all back to back and by then, I was tired of the whiny characters? I don’t know. But they weren’t bad. #3 was my favorite by far.

  5. Haven’t seen the movies nor read the books…but my niece prefers the books to the movies.

    There’s no way a movie can ever match your imagination when it comes to bringing a book to life. Some do a nice job. But still, it’s hard to compare the power of your creativity against a movie. Your imagination will always be more colorful, more vivid, and more involved and more interesting.

  6. Seb: Is “The Lightening Thief” the one that was out last year? “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”? I’m glad I’m into these books, it’s the first series I’ve liked since James Patterson’s character Alex Cross.

    Laura B: Thanks! And true to her word, my coworker brought the other two books in yesterday! Now that I like the books, I’m probably going to watch the first two movies again. Maybe I’ll appreciate them better.

    Ken V: The “cherry wheat” flavor was really flavorful. Just not sure I want to spend almost 10 bucks on a six pack, anymore.

    Churlita: I was very content – chilling on my bed this weekend with a good book – my cat lying nearby and some good beer on the nightstand. It *was* wonderful.

    Tim: Yup, me too. Ha, yeah it drove me to beer. Could be worse, though, I could join a gothic, vampire clan! “I never drink…..[beer].”

    NoR: Very true.

    Manuel: So far the the only whiney characters I’m tried of are Bella’s friends. But that might change. Until then I’m really enjoying the first book! :)

    Eros: Unfortunately I’ve tried not to picture the actor who played Bella in the movie. Trying to picture someone else – make another image up in my head.

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