Try Not to Be…..Uh….Oh yeah. Forgetful.

Today is “Try Not to Be Forgetful” Day! Did you forget anything? Or did you remember to remember stuff?

Since I was off work on Monday, I had to remember yesterday that it was Tuesday. Today I remembered it was Wednesday AND that this Friday is payday. Woo hoo!

What else? Oh yeah! When I went to the doctor’s last week to have him check out my jaw pain, I also had to have a blood test for my thyroid to see if my meds were cooperating. Today I heard back from the doctor’s office and I am supposed to adjust my meds a little. Five days a week I need to take an entire pill, but then on Wednesdays and Saturdays, I’m supposed to take one half of a pill. How’s that for a memory project?

Well the day isn’t over yet, so try not to be forgetful of stuff. Tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled memory loss.


11 thoughts on “Try Not to Be…..Uh….Oh yeah. Forgetful.

  1. I forgot something as I left work and remembered as I was about 10 seconds out of the door. I had to do an about turn, and then everyone did that kind-of-funny “oh, you’re early – it’s not Thursday just yet!”

    Har. Har.


  2. I find that I have to rely on lists for the important stuff so I won’t forget. I get tired of going to the store to pick up something, only to buy a whole bunch of other stuff, come home, and then realize that I forgot to get what I needed from the store in the first place!

    You know, I’ve seen those pill boxes that people use to keep track of what pill to take according to the day of the week. Pretty neat. When I was a child, my aunt had an empty one laying around her house. She let me have it, and I used it to keep candy in there, dividing them up with a plan to eat them over the week. Of course, I ate all the candy before the day was over.

  3. Tim: That joke must be universal, because my coworkers have said that to me, too! The nerve. That’s annoying when we forget one little thing from the office and have to go back.

    Ash: Happy to help! :D

    Eros: That’s funny about your candy/pill box! I wouldn’t be able to wait until the next day to eat the candy, either. My mom has a pill box, and she sets it up for the upcoming week (her cat watches nearby in amazement).

  4. Silver: You couldn’t remember Dee Snider’s name? That’s pretty twisted, sister! ;) Now I have “We’re Not Gonna Take It” stuck in my head.

    Churlita: Oh now I have no idea. Let’s just say the holiday was remembered…or something.

    Laura B: Wouldn’t it be wonderful for our nerves if we could forget the bad, hurtful stuff?

    Manuel: I forgot to do some chores, too. The thing with chores, though, is that they don’t forget about us. :P

  5. I sort of had an existential crisis and forgot who I was. But then I remembered who I was and all was better :)

    I hope the meds adjustment works out for ya! and is your jaw pain any better?

  6. Seb: I am so glad you remembered who you were after your crisis! If you’re not you, who are you? Not Sebastien, and that’s not an option.

    My jaw pain is much better, thank you! I can still hear the “pop” when I yawn, but there isn’t any pain.

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