Pipes, Dreams and Firecrackahs

While I was out with my family on the 4th of July, the pipes or whatever backed up again in my apartment building. I was welcomed back to my building with the stench of stagnant water buried into the hallway carpets, and the hum of dehumidifyers and fans blasting away so that maintenance could dry it all up quickly.

Thankfully….oh so thankfully…..as soon as I stepped into my own little nook and closed the door to the hallway, the smell vanished. I try to keep my place smelling good. I have a few Febreze plugins here and there, and then sometimes I get to open the bedroom window a bit and let the fresh air come in. Soooo nice.

I was settling into a nice, comfortable sleep at around 1am when firecrackers went off outside. I got up, closed the window and then went back to bed. Not sure if I fell asleep after that, I know I had some restless dreams. I’ve been having those for a few days now. A few of them were about “to do” lists that don’t exist, and I dream that I am about to get them done but never finish. Then this morning I was having a pretty good dream, but the alarm went off.

Anyway, whine, whine, whine is what this post is mostly about. Would you like a glass? Some cheese, perhaps?

6 thoughts on “Pipes, Dreams and Firecrackahs

  1. Sounds to me like you have some whine-worthy stuff there. Icky smells and intrusive, sleep interrupting noise…and weird nights, too!
    I’ve had weird nights lately too. I know I need more sleep and I feel tired when my alarm goes off, but at the same time I am so glad it is morning and I can just get up!

  2. Well, it sounds like you have a great apt maintenance team, working on the problem the same day it happened. I’ve lived in places where you have to put in a work order and still have to go by the office to complain again a few days later because nothing was done.

    I like coming home to nice smelling, clean apt. I’m currently experimenting with those carpet deodorizers/cleaners that you sprinkle on the carpet then vacuum up after a set time. So far, I’m loving some of the scents. And I think everyone likes some peace and quiet when it’s time to sleep.

  3. Laura B: I know what you mean about being glad it’s morning. Time to get up and start moving. Maybe I’ll try reading tonight before going to bed. That usually makes me sleepy.

    Churlita: Let’s have a whine and cheesiness party! :D

    NoR: Bwah ha ha ha. :)

    Silver: Yup, it’s been hot here, too. I think five days in a row of 90 degree weather.

    Eros: The maintenance staff is pretty good – they have had their moments where there has been some delay, but those times are rare.

    Have you tried the Resolve carpet cleaner powder? That stuff is pretty good. I think the vacuum I have has an Arm & Hammer filter in it, and the carpet smells better whenever I vacuum.

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