“Ain’t that America, somethin’ to see, baby!”

Happy belated Independence Day, everyone! How did you handle the holiday? Did you handle it like pros? By pros I mean did you do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted? Hope so!

Some of my family and I met in another town on Sunday morning. There was a lake nearby which would have paddle boats, and the lot next to it would have rides set up. Nothing was open. Well you can’t really close a lake, but the paddle boats weren’t available. We found out that it didn’t open till 2pm. It was way too hot to be milling around. My brother and his wife were hungry, so we all drove over to a nearby restaurant. The church crowd was out and about, so that restaurant was packed. Then the other restuarant he checked out was overflowing with people – even waiting outside. Our last resort for breakfast was McDonald’s, but by the time we got there they were serving lunch. Bah. Okay, lunch it is!

We changed our minds about going to the festival. Instead we went shopping and then went back to my brother’s place and watched TV for a bit. Then he fired up the grill and made us all steaks. We chilled out on their new picnic table/dining set outside and had a great time talking and joking around.

Here is a photo of the fam!:


8 thoughts on ““Ain’t that America, somethin’ to see, baby!”

  1. Happy belated Independence Day to you too! Not that we celebrate it over here; it was just another normal Sunday.


    Although really I shouldn’t be upset because you are actually celebrating beating us Brits all those years ago.

    *angrily shakes fist at damn yankees like a mad old man!*

    Glad you had a wicked time though!!

  2. LB: I would’ve liked to have gone to that festival if it had started earlier, but I liked hanging out with my family more. So it all worked out! :)

    Manuel: Nope, no fireworks this time. I saw some at 1am this morning when I was just dozing off to sleep, though.

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