July 2010!!

July is finally here! Yay! Thank you for the holiday ideas, they are all in there! I also found some celebrity birthdays to help me think up holidays. Not that I think of Rembrandt as a “celebrity” ….well he’s a historical celebrity, I guess!

Here are some things to celebrate all month:

National Baked Beans Month
National Blueberry Month
Fireworks Safety Month (June through July 4th)
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month

Now here are the “Eclectic” days of July!

1. Juice Day (Your Favorite Juice or Make One Up)
2. New Fruit Day (Discover a New Fruit You haven’t Tried Before
3. Cracker Day (Load Your Favorite Cracker with Your Favorite Topping)
4. Happy 4th of July/Independence Day!!
5. Make a Splash Day – Find Some Sort of Water and Splash!
6. Picnic Day – Go on a Picnic or at Least Talk about Your Favorite Picnic Foods
7. Try Not to Be Forgetful Today
8. Eat Something with Bacon in It Today (Kevin Bacon’s Birthday – 1958)
9. Make a Snack for Your Coworkers Today
10. Take a Picture of the Sky Today (Cloudy or Clear)
11. Go to Your Favorite Diner or Cafe and Write a Song About the People You See There (Suzanne Vega’s Birthday – 1959)
12. Popsicle Appreciation Day
13. Get the Indiana Jones Theme Stuck in Your Head Today While Hunting Down Mysterious, Ancient Artifacts (Harrison Ford’s Birthday – 1942)
14. Discuss Your Top 3 Favorite Websites Today
15. Paint Something Today or Whiten Your Teeth (Rembrandt Van Rijn’s Birthday – 1606)
16. Churlita’s Birthday!
17. Get a Good Night’s Sleep Tonight
18. Green Day – Listen to a Green Day Song While Being Environmentally Conscious Today
19. Bad Summer Fashion Awareness Day (Avoid Wearing Black Socks with Sandals)
20. Moon Day
21. Tell Jokes All Day Today (Robin Williams’s Birthday – 1951)
22. Look for Deadhead Stickers on Cadillacs Today (Don Henley’s Birthday – 1947)
23. Buy Some “Fish and Chips” for Lunch or Dinner Today (
Arthur Treacher’s Birthday – 1894)
24. Gather Up Stuff to Donate to Salvation Army Today
25. Five More Months Until Christmas Day!
26. Wear a One-Piece, Shiny Black Suit Today and Wage War Against Lycans Today (Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday – 1973)
27. YouTube Appreciation Day
28. Walk Around Emitting Your Individual Style and Grace Today (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s Birthday – 1929)
29. Laughter Appreciation Day (Should Be Celebrated Constantly, Though)
30. Use Any Opportunity to Turn to Someone and Say Either “Ahl Be Bahck” or “Hasta la Vista, Baby” (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Birthday – 1947)
31. Read Some “Harry Potter” Books Today (J.K. Rowling’s Birthday – 1965)


7 thoughts on “July 2010!!

  1. Ash: Wow, I haven’t seen you in awhile!! How are you? :)

    Laura B: Thank *you*!

    Churlita: Oh it will be a fun day….everything anyone does for fun will be for Churlita’s birthday! :)

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