Juiced Up! (Juice Day – Discuss Your Favorite Juice or Make One Up)


Here’s a photo of a nice, tall glass of grapefruit juice. Not even grape juice can compete, as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t used to like it when I was a kid. As an “adult”, though, I started to crave it. Haven’t looked back since. Some benefits of grapefruit juice (ideally, you should get it from a juicer rather than…um…Ocean Spray bottles) can be found on “Juicing for Health.com”. Here are a few of the benefits:

Acidity: Although grapefruit has a sub-acid taste, its juice actually has an alkaline reaction after digestion. This has a profound effect in the treatment of acidity in the digestive system that causes a host of other health problems.

Atherosclerosis: Pectin in this fruit has been found to be effective in reducing the accumulation of arterial deposits, and the vitamin C helps to strengthen and maintain the elasticity of arteries.

Common cold: A common cold is usually your body telling you that you are overworked. A regular drink of grapefruit during a stressful period gives your immune system the boost needed to prevent it coming on.

Cholesterol: A certain compound found in grapefruit helps reduce the excessive production of cholesterol from the liver.

Fatigue: At the end of a long and tiring day, drink a glass of grapefruit juice with lemon juice in equal parts with a little honey, to dispel all fatigue and tiredness.

Fever: Besides drinking plenty of fluids, also drink grapefruit juice to reduce fever.

Insomnia: A drink of grapefruit juice before bedtime, helps to promote sleep and alleviates insomnia.

Pregnant woman: The bioflavonoids and vitamin C help to reduce water retention and swelling of the legs during pregnancy.

Sore throat: Drinking a freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice helps relieve sore throats and soothes coughs.

Weight-loss: This fruit has a fat-burning enzyme and can help to absorb and reduce the starch and sugar in the body. It is widely consumed by people who are trying to lose weight. If you don’t fall under the category of people mentioned below (look at “Caution” colum), then take a glass of grapefruit juice twice a day and eat normally.

Drink up! Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Juiced Up! (Juice Day – Discuss Your Favorite Juice or Make One Up)

  1. It’s been a while since I tried it pure. I did try something called breakfast juice last summer (by accident), which tasted like a combination of orange and grapefruit. Grapefruit juice is probably a bit too bitter for my taste, my favourite juice drink is plain old orange.

  2. Churlita: I think the grapefruit juice I have has some sugar in it, but some of it has to be fruit, right? I am not going to spend money on a juicer.

    Laura B: Well to be honest it has been awhile since I have bought that juice. I drink the club soda with the natural flavor of grapefruit. That cran-grape sounds good!

    FW: Good choice about orange juice. Do you like the stuff without pulp or with lots of pulp?

    Tim: Those look familiar, I think they sell them in the produce section of our local grocery store. It’s good to get a good fruit juice drink into your system after a workout!

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