I am maybe a bit too excited about this, but I just posted an audio blog. WordPress now allows us to post from our phones! Here’s a quick little number I need to call “Don’t Know What to Say”.

Anyway, thank you WordPress inventor people!


7 thoughts on “Cooool!!

  1. Manuel: That would be bad to lose everything on your blog. I was afraid I would, but I was eventually able to convert my blog from Blogspot to WordPress without any lost info.

    Eros: Thanks! It was so easy to phone that in, I didn’t have to subscribe to another site or anything!

    KenV: Hi! Aw, thanks! I tend to think my voice can sound too nasally, but I’m too much of a ham to really care about it that much. :D

    Laura: When that thing beeps and the spotlight’s on me to leave a message – anything can happen…or nothing at all. Hehe.

    Churlita: You should try an audio blog someday!

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