“Write it on Paper, Save it for Later”

Thank you for all of your holiday ideas! I will put the calendar together later in the day.

The other night I followed some advice in the book I have called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. It suggests that I write down stuff that’s on my mind before I go to bed. That way there’s a transfer from mind to paper, which is supposed to make it easier to fall asleep without those thoughts in your head. Well it worked! Actually twice in a row, I think I wrote down some thoughts on Sunday night, too.

Now last night wasn’t so easy. I needed to back away from Facebook, because the wrong sort of thoughts were running through my head. I was taking things personally (just in my mind), I was expecting too much from others – ack. When I woke up this morning, I was tangled in my sheets and my cat was expecting me to get up and give her a treat. For a second I feared that I may have said something too whiney on Facebook and decided to check it out. Nope, nothing. My eyes were really puffy, but I had enough time to make them look less baggy before I had to head off to work. Now I’m feeling better.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday because, for the past couple of weeks, my jaw has been really sore. It hasn’t stopped me from eating, but there is initial pain and then it goes away. Now I’m thinking that it was because I was clenching my teeth too much, and it was causing too much pressure on a wisdom tooth. Since I have health insurance, I thought I’d get it checked out that way first, in case it isn’t my teeth. If the pain is caused by my wisdom teeth, however, I will still have to visit the dentist. Thankfully, unlike the doctor’s office, they have Saturday hours.

Anyway, enough of that crap! How is everyone else doing?


7 thoughts on ““Write it on Paper, Save it for Later”

  1. I hope your jaw gets better and that it’s nothing serious.

    And that writing down thoughts on paper idea is fantastic. I do the same. Whenever I’m feeling conflicted or overwhelmed or lost, it helps to write down all my feelings and worries and thoughts. It’s a way of venting and sorting out intense emotions and reorganizing thoughts in a manageable manner. Writing is a great way of expressing ideas and thoughts you never even realized you had! And sometimes, you find inspiration after you’ve done getting everything out on paper.

  2. Writing things down somewhere, anywhere (unfortunately -haha!) always seems to help me. I think that is a great stress reliever.

    It does make sense that this jaw pain could be stress related. So many physical maladies are! I hope that is “all” it is.

    I stayed up too late last night. I slept fine, but I am feeling puffy eyed this morning. sigh.

  3. Eros: Thank you for the well wishes!
    Writing stuff down feels good. I bought a really thick notepad about a few weeks ago. Lots of space for journaling!

    Laura B: I tend to wake up sometimes clenching my teeth, especially on the left side of my mouth. My mom had kind of the same problem and the dentist gave her some kind of tooth guard for her to wear at night.

    Tim: Whoa, you’re cutting it pretty close there! Sure, I can add that holiday! Thank ya!

    Manuel: Exactly! Otherwise I’m just paying for nothing.

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