Q & A and Weekend Info

Hey everyone! What did you do this weekend?

I was invited over to my friend’s place for some dinner on her front porch. She will be moving to another state soon, and I’m really going to miss her. It’ll be an opportunity to visit her, though!

Anyway, after sitting out on the porch for a bit, we went back inside and watched a show on MTV called “Disaster Date”. People set up their friends with dates who are hired to do three things that annoy that person. The “disaster date” and everyone else in the restaurant or cafe or wherever they choose to go for their date are actors. The only one who isn’t in on it is the person who is being set up. The victim is paid a dollar for each minute they stay with the bad date, and the maximum amount of time is 60 minutes.

So….if someone asked you to list three pet peeves that would cause you to walk out on your date, what would be on your list?

Oh! July is almost here, too! Any holiday ideas are welcome!


8 thoughts on “Q & A and Weekend Info

  1. My three peeves would be: (1) really bad table manners – or no table manners (2) rudeness to others, there just isn’t any need for it (3) complainers, when nothing is right ever.
    Ideas for July? Try these – Juice day (your favourite juice or make one up); New fruit day (discover a new fruit you haven’t tried before); Cracker day (load your favourite cracker with your favourite topping).

  2. That’s funny…my pet peeves on a date would be 1)Rude to waitstaff or others, 2)Making racist or other ugly comments, 3)Sharing endless dieting tips with me.

    As for July holidays, hm.
    Make a Splash Day – find some sort of water and splash!
    Picnic Day – go on a picnic or at least talk about your favorite picnic foods.
    July 20th is Moon Day, we have to celebrate that one!

  3. FW: Rudeness to others would certainly make my list!
    Thank you so much for the holidays! I especially like Juice Day!

    Laura B.: You and FW are coming up with pet peeves I never thought about, and I don’t know how I missed those! Yes, the racism and other nasty comments would be deal breakers for me, definitely.

    Thank you, too, for the holidays!

    Eros: Excessive whining drives me crazy, too. 1

    Manuel: Body odor on a date! Yeah, definitely a major turn-off! Not just on a date, a few of us have encountered headache-inducing body odor at the office, too.

    Churlita: Your birthday! That definitely goes on the calendar!
    Yeah, on a date a guy should not be checking out or texting other girls. I told a friend of mine that, if my guy started to make out with someone or flirt with them in front of me, that would be enough for me to walk out.

  4. I may be a bit late.. .. 1). Rudeness is rampant these days..2) arrogant people
    3) no manners..if they don’t make it this month add for August.. and Popicle Appreciation Day!..

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