Coaster Taxi

I hit the bed at 10:01 last night and don’t remember too much after too long. I was out, my system was making up for struggling to sleep the previous night. Before I knew it, my radio alarm was waking me up.

I dreamed that I was supposed to go to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at the theater (the musical, not the movie). My brother and mom were hurrying me along and I was bickering with my mom. She stopped talking to me and when I went off to find her to talk about it, I realized I still needed to get to the play.

Some guy with a taxi offered me a ride, so I hopped in, and the road became a steep, rickety roller coaster. He said, “I’m taking this route, it’s much quicker.”  The tracks looked like they stopped over the ocean, but the driver just shrugged and said that we’ll take a 20 mile leap and should be okay. We were, but then I was back to looking for my mom. Then for some reason I wound up with two guys who had to paint something, so I helped them. I don’t remember using paintbrushes, I think we used our hands. That’s when my alarm woke me up and the sun was streaming through my blinds.

Have you had any weird dreams lately?


6 thoughts on “Coaster Taxi

  1. I’ve had no decent dreams since the one where I was being attacked by midgets.

    I will eat some cheese before I go to bed tonight in the hope that it will kickstart my subconscious mind!

  2. Silver: I wish we could make the people in our dream be more helpful! Hopefully the furniture was weightless in your dream!

    Laura B.: Thanks, I just changed the layout today! Not sure if I like this one or the previous one better.

    Churlita: Your upcoming vacation sounds like something interesting! But yeah I wind up getting more excitement in my dreams than in reality.

    Tim: Now see I’ve never been able to dream about midgets. Whatever you kind of cheese you ate to cause that dream, let me know. I want to see if I can take on the midgets.

    FW: I wish I remembered all of my weird dreams, but I’m glad I blogged about some of them. That way I can look back and laugh at them or cringe. :) Whenever you remember a weird dream, you should blog about it! Or write it down while you remember it.

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