Snickety Snack Attack!

Hey! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything! That’s when the “Friday 5” memes come in handy! As for the title, I usually ask Skittles if she wants a “snickety snack”. She gets excited at the “snack” word, because she knows I’ll give her a few of her cat treats. Anyway, this meme is about our snacking habits.

1. What are your movie-snacking habits and preferences?

If we’re talking about the snacks we get while we’re at the movies, then popcorn is always on the list. I also get a “small” root beer or Dr. Pepper and maybe some strawberry-flavored Twizzlers. I went to the movies with two of my friends last week to see the most recent “Shrek” movie, and one of my friends bought us a giant bucket of popcorn. We ate the whole thing.

2. What are your late-night snacking habits and preferences?

I try not to snack late at night anymore, but I used to melt some pepperjack cheese over Triscuits and have that as a late snack. I still eat that glorious snack, just not so late at night.

3. What are your sports-watching snacking habits and preferences?

I don’t usually watch games at home, but if I’m at the stadium to watch a baseball game, I will have a hot dog (with stadium mustard of course) and either beer or pop.

4. What are your lonely, rainy afternoon snacking habits and preferences?

Usually a fresh cup of coffee is involved.

5. What’s your favorite carnival/fair snack?

Funnel cakes with fudge and powdered sugar drizzled on top, and a large helping of greasy, salty, shoestring french fries. Oh and some freshly squeezed lemonade to wash it all down. I just gained 10 pounds thinking about that food.


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