Clumsiness and Vacations

I walked into a door the other day! Yeah, it was a special moment for me, but thankfully my moment happened at home rather than at work. My linen closet door was wide open, which kind of blocked my way to my bathroom. I was preparing things for a shower, but I stopped to watch a scene from “The Holiday”. When the scene was over, I turned to walk into the bathroom, and that’s when I ran into the door of my linen closet. Like I said, it was a special moment.

Something bit my arm the other day. I don’t think it was a mosquito, and I doubt it was an ant bite like the one I had last year. It may be a spider bite or whatever else was lurking around. Nothing serious, it hasn’t caused me any grief. Just thought I’d share.

I’ve been on a mini vacation this week. I worked Monday and Tuesday, and then was off for the rest of the week. It was nice! One of my coworkers joked and said that I’m not permitted to take any more vacation days. She’s one of the three lucky women who get to sit up at the front desk while I’m out. I did tell her that I made sure I took my vacation on Wednesday, when there is more coverage, rather than Tuesday when one of the other coworkers are out. She felt better after that and said I was excused just this once. Buah ha ha. :D

This Sunday I’m having my local brother (I said “local”, not “loco”) and his family over for a barbecue. Just the standard choice – hot dogs or hamburgers, then my mom is bringing over her amazing tater salad, and I have the fixings for s’mores later on. Should be fun!


5 thoughts on “Clumsiness and Vacations

  1. Hooray for vacation!

    I’ve run into the doors at home, too…that dang linen closet!

    The cookout with the family sounds like a blast! That’s how you celebrate summer. Enjoy your vacation when it comes!

  2. I gave myself a black eye on a door knob once. It is an awkward story. haha!

    I hope you enjoyed your mini vacay and that you have a wonderful Father’s Day celebration with your loco..I mean local brother and his crew!

  3. Eros: The cookout was so fun, and the weather was beautiful! Thankfully I didn’t run into any doors when my family was around. :)

    Laura B: We did have a wonderful Father’s Day! Even better, after I cooked everything and we cleaned up, my brother and sister-in-law cleaned up the kitchen and put everything away for me!

  4. Churlita: That’s all I did was run into doors! ;) No, actually I relaxed, read, watched movies from my collection and then did some shopping for some needless things. :) It was really nice!

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