Festivals: Not Just for Kids!

Oh my goodness gracious I did have fun on Saturday. The school I work for put on a festival of sorts in the parking lot. I was a member of the planning committee for the event. To be honest, a few of us started to dread the event about a week in advance, knowing what needed to be done, wondering how it would all turn out, and if the weather would cooperate, and hoping enough people would sign up and volunteer as help. I had been busy earlier this past week getting ready for our school’s graduation ceremony. It was a busy week.

We were supposed to show up at 9am at the campus. I am so glad I wore my tennis shoes, we were doing a lot of heavy lifting, lots of walking and if I had worn sandals or anything else, my feet would’ve been howling.

I arrived on time at the campus and stopped to talk to two of my coworkers. We compared our pale skin and the fact that two of them were avoiding another coworker who tends to tease incessantly and boss them around just as much. “Five days of her is just too much. The sixth day should be a day of rest.” One guy joked. It sounded pretty biblical, so I added, “And it was good.” I love talking to those guys. More of the planning committee showed up because one of them had their van loaded up with bags of ice. Before the guys could approach the van, we had grabbed up most of the bags of ice and lugged them to the staff kitchen.


Some Fun Coworkers

Next thing we did was “test” the inflatable playground equipment we rented for the event. When this whole thing was being planned and our director told us what she wanted, she said “We should have some inflatable toys for the kids, and some adult toys too.” She didn’t know that her innocent suggestion would cause so much giggling from that moment on. We all had to be careful when referring to “inflatable toys”, especially around college students.

The Supah Slide!

Right, so once the inflatable super slide (dual slides with a ladder in the middle) and the inflatable “bouncy house” (a sort of indoor trampoline) were ready, a group of us just had to test them out. I went down the slide with my arms up, and then one of my coworkers suggested I go down backwards. I did that too. Super fun. Then we looked over at the “bouncy house” and wondered if we could get through the small door of the hut. Four of us went through and started jumping up and down. One guy who was taller than everyone, he could be a bouncer at a bar (hehe….bouncer), jumped up higher and when he landed, he pretty much catapulted the rest of us around the tent too, and two of us fell down. I think someone was taking photos of us, so I’ll have to find out if they can send me some.

Bouncy House!

We also had a game rigged up called “Soak the Dean”. Instead of a soak tank, we just had someone sitting in a regular chair. There was a basket above their heads where a water balloon would go, and then if someone hit the target with a ball, the mechanism would cause the balloon to burst water over the victim’s head. We raised money this way. Our Dean sat in the seat, as well as one of our smart-ass coworkers (we racked up lots of money with him in the hot seat) and then our school’s Director volunteered. After that, there was a free session and little kids just wanted to either get soaked or they wanted to cause the soaking. There was actually a line for the soaking part. I sat in the chair too, and a kid with a great throwing arm got me on his second try.


We also had a DJ at the event, and at one point he played the song for the Electric Slide. Three of us jumped in and did the line dance; our campus director, her assistant and me.

I was appointed the cotton candy maker. Later on during the day we set up the machine and another coworker showed me how to do it. The two of us made some cotton candy to hand out, and her daughter volunteered herself to promote our cotton candy stand. She took two sticks of cotton candy and stood by to entice others. There’s a knack to making that cotton candy, and eventually it became easier. By then, though, nobody was interested. Oh well! :)

Cotton Candy in Production (That’s my coworker’s arm.)

Successfully Made Cotton Candy!

The festival was supposed to last until 3pm. We feared it would storm all day, but aside from a brief shower, the sun was out most of the time. But then I went inside for something at around 2pm. Just when I was about to go back to the party, my coworker came in and was soaked. I guess the sky had held off the pouring rain for as long as possible, and then decided enough was enough. This caused everyone who was enjoying the event to help us all clean up! People came together to haul in the heavy tables and the coolers, the company we rented the slide and trampoline from were able to pick the stuff up early, and we were all out of there at 2:30pm. It just worked out so well.

Oh and I got my face painted. I bought the face paints because we’d be offering that to the kids, and I wound up being a guinea pig for one of the face painters. She painted a lovely pink flamingo on my face. I think someone else took that photo, and again I’ll have to track them down.

That’s what I’ve been doing this weekend! Today I just did laundry and read more of the book I’m supposed to read for the book discussion on Wednesday. I’m losing steam about that, people. I can’t seem to get interested in that particular book, and it’s getting to be crunch time. I can’t just pretend that I’ve read it. I can either speed read it (which isn’t something I usually do) or just sit out that particular day and maybe read the next book they want to discuss.

What did you do this weekend? I hope you all had some fun in the sun.


6 thoughts on “Festivals: Not Just for Kids!

  1. Wow! That is fun weekend! I luv carnivals and festivals like that! They’re even better when the company you’re with are some fun loving people. Sounds like it was great success. Well done, planning committee!

  2. That sounds like such a fun day! I know events like that take a lot of preparation, but it sounds like it worked out really, really well.

    And when adult toys are involved well…

    haha! Anyway, I hope we get to see a picture of you with your face painted :-)

  3. That looks like such an awesome day!

    Years ago I used to play badminton on Friday evenings, and one day they had a bouncy castle in the sports hall. Suffice to say I did NOT play much badminton that particular evening!

  4. Silver: It was very fun!

    Eros: I am so grateful for my fun coworkers! I’m able to laugh with them even more now!

    Laura B: I sent out an email to people who I thought took photos, so hopefully they’ll share them with me!

    Churlita: Yeah, I just couldn’t make myself sit down and get into that book.

    Tim: Badminton is fun, but a session in a bouncy castle is even better!

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