Walky Walk

– I walked our local “Lake-to-Lake” trail yesterday. I wasn’t sure I was going to do the whole thing, because I was tired, but the farther I walked, the more I woke up. I rewarded myself by hitting the swingset on the playground they have on the path. The playground was kid-free at that moment, so I could swing away without a care in the world. Then I continued my path that would lead me home.

– I saw a young deer prancing around both on my way to the playground and on the way back. It was so lean, it reminded me of a gazelle. Very pretty. On the way to the playground, I glanced beyond a wooden fence and saw a black tail twitching behind some blades of grass. It was a pretty, black and white cat on the hunt for something to eat. He looked up at me and I saw he had a moth in his mouth. He ran up a little hill and then stopped to look back at me. I waved to him and that may have taken him off guard, because the moth escaped. He had to hunt for it all over again and I figured the cat was swearing at me under his breath. :)


5 thoughts on “Walky Walk

  1. Now that’s a great walk! Practically a city safari, complete with wildlife! It’s amazing how much energy we get when we start moving and kicking ourselves into high gear. That’s great you got to see that deer. That means you must live in a healthy green space to see that deer eating. That’s funny about the cat though. Still, it was good for the moth to get a chance to escape. I’m sure that cat can find other things to eat. They’re pretty good hunters, those kitties.

  2. Laura: It was such a nice walk. Next time, though, I need to take water with me!

    Eros: Oh we definitely have plenty of beautiful greenery in our state! Spring and Fall, especially, are gorgeous months. Perfect for long walks.

    Silver: Thankfully we’ll have a few months of intermittently nice weather before it starts that other stuff in the Winter. I won’t even speak its name. :)

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