The Sights and Smells of Friday

Friday was interesting – it started out with some frustrations brought on by coworkers who I am discovering can come across as a bit haughty when you’re transferring calls to them. I was not alone in my frustration, though. So many people were done with the week and were tired and drained. The very good side effect of being fried from the week is that little things can crack us up.

There was a guy who was changing light bulbs near the restrooms. It was then that I noticed there was a smell in the air. My mind made up its own idea of what it was, so I tried to shake off the notion and just do my work. It was subtle at first, but…..there. Then another coworker approached the desk and said, “Something smells bad up here!” We laughed about it and I was glad I wasn’t imagining things. Still, though, we were pretty calm about it.

Soon after, though, another coworker came up and remarked about it. She had an additional comment that made at least two of us start laughing. I was laughing so hard that my shoulders were shaking and my laugh alternated between squeaks, wheezes and just silent, shoulder-shaking laughter. My coworker laughed until her face turned all red.

The more people came up to inquire about the smell, or simply had a “something stinks” expression on their face, the more it made us laugh. Then it made things worse because more people offered up their own ideas of what it smelled like, and it just made us laugh harder. It was a challenge to answer the phones for the last hour of my shift. I had to focus on something across the room and think up something totally serious in order to avoid laughing over the phone. I managed to keep my wits about me for the majority of calls, though.

It was someone’s lunch that had been reheated in the microwave. That’s all it was, but it stunk up one entire hallway and some of the lobby. We remarked about how someone should heat up some sauerkraut, garlic or stuffed cabbage in order to offset the smell of reheated fish. Then someone said they had to go into the bathroom to get fresh air. Disgusting but true. Hilarious, too! Thankfully the students are on Summer break at the moment, or more people would be suffering.

So after all of that, after my shift was over, I headed over to a restaurant in the next town to participate in the happy hour for the local animal shelter. I thought the place would be packed, that’s the way it was for another restaurant when they put on a “Singles and Their Pets” event. But this time, even though I was there when it started, they didn’t have any food set up and it was way too quiet. I did sit down with a beer and observed the people that did show up. It looked like they were fried from the week and wanted to sit alone, smoke and drink. I did manage to chat with a few people, and the food was pretty good. I’m going to see what other events I can go to around town this Summer. It’s much more inspiring to go out to places when the weather is so nice.


8 thoughts on “The Sights and Smells of Friday

  1. Good for you for getting out and trying to meet new people. I hope the next experience is better.

    Blogger is down and won’t let me post. I’ll keep trying and hope it starts working again.

  2. haha! What we always get the most comments on smell-wise is if someone pops up some microwave popcorn. For some reason that scent travels everywhere and everyone has to comment on it :-) Generally much nicer than reheated fish….

    Maybe a quiet singles event was a good way to ease into that sort of thing.

  3. It’s the silly little things that give us a much needed break when things get hectic and crazy at work.

    I think the worst smell I’ve ever encountered at work was microwaved kimchi! I can’t stand the pungent odor of kimchi! I can’t even get past the gag reflex to try the stuff–and it’s one of my family’s favorite ethnic treats when eating out at a Korean food place! I’m the only one in the family who’s never had it!

  4. Silver: They really are lots of fun, we’re always joking and laughing about something. Two of us are Seinfeld fans and we’re always quoting from several different episodes.

    Churlita: Blogger was certainly having issues the other day.

    Laura B: Yeah you’re right, the quiet event was kind of a nice start and a gentle practice for next time!

    Eros: I had to look up the word “kimchi” and as soon as I saw the photo and read the word “cabbage” in the description, I understood. Hehe.

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