An Okay Case of the Mondays!

This week is going to be a bit strange, but glorious. Since overtime is frowned upon, and I have to put in extra hours, I will have to leave early for a few days to adjust those extra hours. Oh darn! Today I left an hour early, and it’ll be like that for the next two days. Then on Friday, since I’m participating in an on-campus festival of sorts on Saturday (I will be making the cotton candy! Oooo!!), I will only have to work from 7:30am until 9:30am to make up for my weekend work. I love my coworkers. I don’t ask them for much, I’m very stubborn about asking for help. But they have helped me this way, by being there when I need to cut my hours. They’re pretty awesome. Funny and supportive, too. Did I mention how happy I am to be out of my old department and into this new position? Well I am happy.

Here’s a photo of my new hair style:

Summer Haircut

Most of my coworkers love it, but there are also some other people who would come through the lobby and notice my new style. People I didn’t expect would notice. One of our student workers stopped by the Monday after my haircut. He said, “Please tell me you just got that haircut.” I teased him and said, “I got it cut two weeks ago, actually.” Then I confessed to him that it was new and he said he liked it. Frankly, if he had noticed it two weeks after, I would’ve been happy about that too. I have noticed changes two weeks or even two months afterward, and as long as you or someone else notices, then just accept it.

A student who’s frequently absent and our vending machine operator noticed my new look too. I was astounded.

Today I opened our building officially for the first time. I say “officially” because I did open it once, but a few things were already done for me. This time, I disarmed the alarms (successfully), unlocked doors and turned on lights, all by my little self. There are some doors that are tricky to unlock for a girl of my height (or lack of height), but I have my ways. I would love to have everything unlocked and opened before my coworker gets in so she doesn’t have to do anything, which includes being the tall one to unlock the tall doors. I’m not the only short person there, for goodness sake. The Dean is just an inch taller, so is a few of our student workers. Although one of those workers noticed how short I was and said, “How cute!” Okay, whatever makes you happy.

Although I got to sleep pretty quick last night, I did manage to have some unsettling dreams. Since I’m almost always worried about my mom and her health, I had a nightmare about that subject. Then in the midst of that I had a dream that everyone was trying to be careful around a suspected murderer. I let him borrow something…..maybe a dehumidifier…..and prayed that he liked it and was happy. There were rumors he had killed people over little problems. Then he quietly told me that the dehumidifier I loaned him didn’t work, and I was petrified. The rest of the dream was spent trying to avoid him (while I worried about the incurable sickness my mom had in the dream) so that he wouldn’t find me and kill me. Today I asked myself, and my mom also asked, “Where the hell did that part of the dream come from??” and I figured it was all about how I’m so eager to please my new manager and that I don’t want to make her angry. She hasn’t killed anyone over a failed dehumidifier (that I know of), but I just don’t want to disappoint her, I don’t want her to think that hiring me for the receptionist and official greeter of all visitors was a mistake. So I think that’s what seeped into my dreams last night. Welcome to my brain, people.


8 thoughts on “An Okay Case of the Mondays!

  1. First off, your new do looks fantastic! Stunning foto and brilliant smile!

    And congratulations on successfully opening the new building! That is freaky how dreams work out our fears when we sleep. It kind of puts things in perspective and helps you realize what you you weren’t aware of before. And I’m so happy to hear that you are definitely in a much better place at work with a great bunch of coworkers. That makes all difference! Hooray for short work days and long weekends!

  2. Seriously. Every single time I come here there’s a new layout! I missed the goal…

    But enough of that. I really like your hair. It’s no wonder people are noticing. Of course, a nice smile goes along with it too.

  3. Even the weirdest dreams often make some kind of sense it seems. I’m sorry, though, that you are feeling worried about your mom and her health.

    I LOVE your summer haircut! And red looks really good on you :-)

  4. Eros: Thank you!
    I like to try to interpret my dreams.

    NoR: This one is a new layout, it was just a spur-of-the-moment deal. Before that one, though, I had the other layout up for awhile.

    Thank you for the comment about my hair! :)

    Laura B: Thanks, I love that red T-shirt, it’s so comfortable! I don’t worry about her health as much as I used to, but I still have my moments.

    Churlita: Thank you! :)

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