Frickety Friday Time! (June 4th Edition)


Here’s the Carnival Cruiseline mascot getting frisky with one of my friends back in 2004. Good times, good times. :)

"She's got a new addiction.."

Skittles was cuddling up with a bag of dried chamomile. I didn’t know cats were into the chamomile. Catnip, yes. Chamomile? I should’ve made her a cup of tea.

Me and Joshers

Continuing with the cat theme, here we have a photo of me and Joshua. He’s much more comfortable with someone picking him up than Skittles is, and it’s almost like he expects it everytime I visit my mom’s place. He’ll stand still until I pick him up.

Little Pink Clay House

Here’s a house, yard, tree and car made of PlayDoh! This wasn’t made when I was five – I think it was more like I was twenty-five. Growing up is not an option.


8 thoughts on “Frickety Friday Time! (June 4th Edition)

  1. Mittle Kitty doesn’t particularly like being picked up, but I have no idea how he feels about chamomile!
    I love that play-doh house. One can never be too old for play-doh :-)

  2. Whoa! Nice new blog design!! I liked the last one; this one is very urban and gritty. Keepin’ it real, huh Tara?

    OK, that mascot freaks me out a little. I hope your friend punched it or pepper-sprayed it then RAN!

  3. Silver: He cracks me up, because each time I pick him up, he leans back in my arms and looks at me like, “Who are you again?”

    Laura B: I had one of those spur-of-the-moment episodes at a store one day and just had to buy some Play Doh to play with! It was fun!

    Churlita: My mom actually taught hers and mine to fetch, but they have since caught on and won’t do the fetching anymore.

    Tim: Yup, keepin’ it real with mah peeps. Word. I like this new layout too. It is very new, it was announced just the other day.

    That mascot was funny, I think he been cornered by some other fans and had lingered with them too long. When I waved to him, he frantically waved back and ran over to us.

  4. Awesome shots!

    I luv fun shots, silly shots, like the mascot one, because they make you laugh at the zany stuff that can happen when you’re out with friends. The Play Doh house looks great! I, too, have a hard time resisting clay when it’s right in front of me. I just reach out and start making stuff!

    Skittles definitely knows how to lay back and chill with some good scents. Joshua looks great! It’s like he was caught in a candid shot moment, like someone just called his name and he turned to say, “Huh?” He’s a big fluffy cat!

  5. Eros: Joshua usually gives the camera a great “deer in headlights” look. :)

    BabyBull: He is cuddly! He’s also a great host – I visited my mom this weekend, and when I opened the door, he greeted me with a cheerful “meow!”.

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