“Control, to get what I want….”

T to the G to the I to the F! It’s time for the Friday5 meme, because it’s Friday, see? This one is called “Control”.

When did you take time this week to play?

– I take time every day of the week to play, even if it’s just chilling out and playing on Facebook.

This past week, what would you have liked to rewind so you could experience it again?

– I got a haircut on Wednesday, and the shampoo and condition part is like getting a massage.

What happened this week to give you pause?

– Memorial Day – actually watching something on Sunday about Memorial Day regarding a guy who goes to a cemetary with his family and, while he’s putting a flag into each headstone of a veteran, he calls out that person’s name. His dad taught him to do this when he was a little boy, and now as an adult he has help from his kids and his grandchildren. It was quite a story, perfect for Memorial Day.

From what situation this week would you have liked to eject yourself?

– Nothing yet, really.

In what situation this week did you cede power to someone else?

– I feel like I’m yielding a sort of power over whenever I leave work for the day and someone takes my spot at the front desk. They possess the power of the switchboard and sign-in sheet. Woo hoo! :)


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