Moons, Crooners and Balloons!

I had to laugh at how the first four holidays of June all have the same “oo” sound! Tomorrow is “Sing a Tune”. Even June sounds like the first four days of itself!….Er something like that!

Since I fell a bit behind on celebrating the Eclectic days, I thought I’d combine three of them into one post. Good deal? Let’s begin.

By the way, all three of the following holidays (plus one for tomorrow) were provided by the fun and zany blogger, Laura B. of “What Fresh Hell is This?”! Thank you, LB!

Celebrate the Moon Day

Check out the following photo of the different moon phases. My dad rounded us all up one Summer evening a very long time ago and drove us out to a hill overlooking Lake Erie and the Cleveland skyline. Overhead was the moon, all full and pretty. He had to share it with us and I’m glad he did!

Phases of the Moon

Who’s Your Favorite Crooner Day

I have two favorite crooners; Dean Martin and Nat “King” Cole – Mr. Martin for his catchy tune “That’s Amore” and Mr. Cole for “Unforgettable”. Who is your favorite crooner?

Make a Balloon Animal Today

Not an Animal, but a Very Cool, Balloon-Bending Arrangement

Do you want to make your own balloon animal? Here are some instructions! Some of them look a little….um….interesting. I’ll let your imaginations run amok at your own risk.

That wraps things up for the holidays until tomorrow! If you feel so inclined, participate in any or all of those days and have fun!


5 thoughts on “Moons, Crooners and Balloons!

  1. Aw, thanks Tara! I have always had a special fondness for our beautiful moon. I love watching its changing face and there is not much more magical than a huge, full moon.
    Wikipedia told me I could call Morrissey and David Bowie crooners! So, I will go with them for my favorites…and Nat King Cole for the old skool.
    As for balloon animals, I think I could do one about as well as Steve Martin in Parenthood :-)

  2. Luv the new blog look! Very exciting!

    That’s awesome your dad took you on a field trip at night to see the moon! That’s a special memory and experience you keep with you forever and remember every time you see the moon :)

    Those balloon creations are awesome! I’d be afraid of bending the balloons because they might pop.

  3. Churlita: I don’t think I’ve seen Spacey as Bobby Darin! I’d imagine he could totally pull that off.

    Laura B.: I like the excitement and craziness of a full moon. Plus, I love being able to blame any of the silliness on that particular phase of the moon.

    I forgot about that part in “Parenthood”! “Your lower intestines!” Lol.

    Tim: You were already ahead of the race! That is very proactive.

    Eros: Thanks! It’s funny, sometimes I forget about that moment with my dad, but it was perfect timing to remember it for the holiday.

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