Weekend Mayhem and Feelings……Nothing More than Feelings

Well I had a nice, long weekend. I hope all of you did too!

On Saturday I did some leisurely cleaning and just kind of did whatever else I wanted at my own pace. That included going to KFC and ordering their extra crispy chicken strip meal with a side of cole slaw. I’ve had a craving for cole slaw for a few days now. It was all very good, but next time I’ll choose a sandwich rather than the strips.

My mom and I went to see “Ironman 2” on Sunday. We saved money and didn’t buy the overpriced food at the concession stand. Instead, I used a large purse to smuggle in some popcorn I made the night before, some candy and two cans of club soda. Nobody suspected a thing. Muah ha ha!! Anyway, we both liked the movie, but agreed that the first one will always be our favorite. Robert Downey Jr. looked awesome as usual and I kind of have a thing for Don Cheadle, too.

After the movies, we went walking on the nature trail nearby until it got too hot to move forward. So we turned back around and went to the nice, air conditioned oasis of Chipotle. My mom had a salad and I ordered a steak burrito. I meant to save the rest, I really did. But while I was clearing our food tray of garbage, the burrito slid into the trash as well, and I wasn’t going to go that far to retrieve leftovers.

Then on the way home we stopped at our favorite little donut shop. Their donuts are becoming a bit famous. They taste amazing and they’re affordable. Plus it’s a family-owned business and everyone who works there is super nice. We went back to my mom’s place and dined on donuts and coffee. Then it was time for me to head home.

Monday was another lazy day, and I was a little confused since we had that day off. I kept looking for shows on TV that are usually on Sundays. Then I’d have to remind myself that it was Monday. I think I finished up on the Eclectic Calendar and then watched the thunderstorms roll in.

This Friday I plan on going to a happy hour event that’ll benefit the animal shelter I used to go to for volunteer work. For $20 you get to mingle with other people, dine on pizza, wings and other food and then there will be free softdrinks. There will also be a cash bar for those other drinks. But the proceeds go to the shelter, so it’s all good.

I was going to go to a little concert 40 minutes away. The guy I’ve blogged about before is in a band, and I wanted to try to be a friend, live up to what I told him in an email saying that I would rather be a friend than nothing at all, and go see them play. I like some of the music they have on their Facebook page. Not all, but some. Usually they perform in a place I’m not familar with, but this time they’ll be at a more familiar venue. But still – after I sent him that email about how I felt (again, no wedding proposals, no confessions of love or anything, just a bit of honesty), and he ignored that email, I started to feel awkward about the whole thing. It’s like this…I’d rather meet up with complete strangers than see someone who I’ve met before. That’s how awkward I feel about him now. Awesome. I am so very tired of taking his silence so personally. I feel hurt and lonely when I think of him (which is thankfully not so often anymore), and I don’t deserve to beat myself up over it or feel rotten about someone who doesn’t think about me. It’s kind of weird to write that out on my blog here, but there you have it.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Mayhem and Feelings……Nothing More than Feelings

  1. I like all the food in this blog entry :-) So many of my posts seem to involve food. haha!
    I think I felt kind of the same about Iron Man 2…the best thing about it was definitely the actors, rather than the plot.
    As for that guy, it is all very well to tell yourself not to think about him. I know as well as anyone that is easier said than done. I love the idea of you doing something new though. The benefit gathering sounds great!

  2. We smuggled stuff into the movies all the time.. They’re lucky I bought a coffee.. that’s all they get out of me.. but normally I bring a cold drink..I had to laugh when I read that you did the same thing.. Big bag equals lots of goodies..

  3. you and your mom have so much fun together. That’s so wonderful.

    That guy is a dumb a$$. He doesn’t deserve you. Save your energy for the awesome guy you’re going to meet who will deserve you and appreciate you.

  4. Silver: Thank you, I’m hoping I will meet someone at that event! If not, that’s fine too. I need to mingle.

    Laura B: Oh yeah, I am all too aware of telling myself I need to do one thing (like moving on from that guy and stop blaming myself), and then realize that it’s much more of a challenge than I thought. But I need to snap out of that particular funk.

    BabyBull: I have never bought a coffee at the movies. But if I did I would think of a “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer sneaks a coffee in and winds up burning himself, and then sues the cappuccino company for the coffee being “too hot”. Lol.

    Churlita: I do need to find someone who doesn’t sap my strength. :) It’ll happen one of these days! Thank you!

  5. It sounds like you had a fun weekend. I’m not sure if I want to see Iron Man 2 in the theater or wait until it becomes available on Netflix.

    The happy hour event sounds like fun and it’s for a good cause. Be careful how many of those “other” drinks you have.

    My best advice is to not actively seek out a relationship. The right person for you may not be the one you think it is (ask AlienGF).

  6. AlienCG: I’m more interested in the pizza and wings anyway, more than I’m interested in the “other” drinks.

    Thank you for the advice, I have heard that if I’m not looking for a relationship, one will find me. All I can think of is the saying, “a watched pot never boils”. Lol.

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Good food, good entertainment, and good company!

    I’ve snuck food into theaters, too! Once, a friend and I snuck in Burger King meals. It’s funny to see people’s heads jerk up all of a sudden and start sniffing and asking neighbors, “Do you smell burger and fries?”

    You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel a little sting about matters of the heart. It all happens to everyone. Some things just aren’t meant to be. And sometimes, it’s for the best. I’ve never been able to stay true friends with someone I’ve gone out with–because there is too much history and confusion and complex emotions involved. It’s best for me to just move on, be polite when I see ’em, but I can’t really call them a friend, because you don’t feel those kinds of intense confusing, conflicting emotions with friends. But those people you break up with can be your buddies, a different type of friend–someone you would enjoy doing certain things with, but you won’t go to them when all hell breaks and you need shelter in the storm. That’s what your friends are for.

    I’m glad to hear you’re moving on. It’s tough, but it’s all for the better, because you deserve the best. Believe it.

  8. What a great holiday weekend, I love the food parts – we ended up buying a box of 12 assorted donuts from KrispyKreme at the weekend, they are lovely occasionally. I loved Iron Man but I’m not in a rush to see Iron Man 2 even though I know Robert Downey Jr will be good in it. In matters of the heart, my experience is that I never forget those things that didn’t work out and no amount of self analysis will ever reveal the whole truth because you just can’t get into another person’s head. Best try to think of it as water under the bridge and just cringe a little when you remember the episode but just shrug it off.

  9. Eros: That would be hilarious to bring in fast food to the theater! We have a Burger King, McDonald’s and an Arby’s close to the theater. Hmmm! I just might smuggle in some fast food next time!

    Thank you so much for the advice and the pep talk! I know that if I ever ran into him, I’d be nice and so would he, and I think it’ll have to be chalked down to that kind of thing. We at least wish each other Happy Birthday once a year via Facebook, so that’s something.

    FW: That’s very true – cringe and then shrug it off. :) Thank you! KrispyKreme donuts are so tasty. They’re a great treat every once in awhile!

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