June 2010!

June will be here soon! Thank you for the holiday ideas again, they were a HUGE help! Here are some other things going on in June.

It is also:

Candy Month
National Drive Safe Month (but really, we should all drive safely EVERY month of the year)
Firework Safety Month (June – July 4th)
Gay and Lesbian Pride Month (U.S.)
People Skills Month (International)

Anyway! I give you the “eclectic” holidays of June 2010!

1. Celebrate the Moon Day
2. Who’s Your Favorite Crooner Day
3. Make a Balloon Animal Day
4. Sing a Tune Day
5. Chill In A Kiddie Pool Day
6. Watch Something on “The Discovery  Channel” Today
7. Be A Real Man Day (as in the “Old Spice” Commercial)
8. Go Outside and Play Today
9. Act Goofy and Mysterious Today (Johnny Depp’s Birthday – 1963)
10. Learn the Words to “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow” Today (Judy Garland’s Birthday – 1922)
11. Phone Home and/or Snack on Reece’s Pieces Today (the movie, “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial” Premiered – 1982)
12. “Diary Day” – in Observance of Ann Frank’s Birthday (1929)
13. Treat Your Friends to a Barbecue and Picnic Today
14. Flag Day (Anniversary of Adopting the U.S. Flag in 1777)
15. BabyBull and BHM’s 17th Anniversary
16. Take a Day to Chill Out and Treat Yourself
17. Cat Appreciation Day
18. Social Animal’s 21st Birthday
19. Dog Appreciation Day
20. Father’s Day (Give Your Old Man A Tie Day)
21. Have a Cookout Today! (Summer Solstice)
22. Techie Gadget Appreciation Day (Take a Photo and Blog About Your Favorite Techie Gadget)
23. Write a Country Song Today (June Carter-Cash’s Birthday – 1929)
24. Silverneurotic’s Birthday!
25. Busting Out All Over Day (Share what’s “busting out” all over your world.)
26. Go On a Leisurely Bike Ride Today, Weather Permitting (Bicycle Patented in 1819)
27. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Your Confused Pet Today (Mildred J. Hill Composed the “Happy Birthday to You” Melody – 1829)
28. Use Random Quotes from Movies Directed by Mel Brooks Today (Mel Brooks’s Birthday – 1926)
29. Change the TV Channels Manually Today (The Remote Control was Introduced Back in 1964)
30. Pretend You have Super Powers Today, but Be Careful (Superman’s Birthday)

Here’s a photo of me when my family and I went to a historical village. I had a scraped-up knee from an earlier, scampering-related incident, and my haircut (along with my ensemble) made me look a bit like a boy. Oh and, contrary to what it appears like in the photo, I am wearing shorts. The t-shirt was kinda long.


8 thoughts on “June 2010!

  1. Dog appreciation Day! I like! I love what you have done to the place Tara adn I love June. Although its rained all day here…. in the words of the song… The sun will come out tomorrow! xx

  2. I’m particularly looking forward to pretending I have superpowers, although you never know some real ones might *finally* kick in.

    I *heart* the caption you wrote to that photo!

  3. Laura B: Thanks! :) Should be an interesting month!

    Churlita: Are we supposed to be extra special careful when driving this month? As opposed to driving reckless and worry-free? :P

    NoR: Ha, if any day was a good day to moon, it would’ve been June 1st, Celebrate the Moon Day. I didn’t even celebrate our planet’s moon. Tsk.

    Daffy: Hi! Thanks Daffy! I’ll send you some of our sunny days. The city I’m in, especially, seems to dodge a lot of storms. As for Dog Appreciation Day, how is Scruff? Appreciate your dog for me, won’t you? :)

    Tim: That’s right, you never know. One day you’ll be “pretending” and the next day you’ll be able to climb building walls, control metal or fly!

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked…er…that you *heart* my caption!

  4. Fantastic job on the calendar! I’m especially looking forward to the food holidays.

    I luv the picture! You can tell you had a lot of fun that day and you weren’t afraid to go on an adventure and roll with the punches. Awesome!

  5. Eros: The food holidays are always worth celebrating, aren’t they?

    Thanks, I was a bit of a tomboy back then, so I usually had either a black eye or scrapes and scratches. :)

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