Frickety Friday (May 28th Edition!)

Barefoot in the Sand

This is something I’d like to do this Summer. Walk barefoot on the hot sands of the beach!


I’d also like watermelon-eating to be part of the plan, too.


Then I’d like to sit back and watch a Summer thunderstorm (no tornadoes, though, please).


5 thoughts on “Frickety Friday (May 28th Edition!)

  1. Sounds like a great plan! I’d like to do walk on some nice soft sand on a beach or watch a thunderstorm. I’d have to substitute eating a watermelon for drinking a watermelon flavored drink, though. For some reason, watermelons always taste kind of bland for me. I prefer fruits that are really sweet.

  2. Laura: That watermelon, I remember, was extremely delicious! Lots of flavor.

    FW: Mm, pineapple is tasty too!

    Eros: I have never had a watermelon-flavored drink before! Seedless, I hope! ;)

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