Paul Bettany’s Birthday (Born this Day in 1971)!

It is Paul Bettany’s birthday today! Woot! He was born on this day back in 1971 in Harlesden, London, England. I first noticed him when he played Bill Cox in “Firewall” with Harrison Ford. Then I went back and watched the movie “Wimbledon” where he played alongside Kirsten Dunst and Sam Neill. Of course then I had to see him as Silas in “The Da Vinci Code”.

When I was finally able to see “Ironman” for the first time, the voice of Tony Starks’s computer, “Jarvis”, sounded familiar. Sure enough, the end credits rolled and Paul Bettany’s name appeared. He plays Jarvis in “Ironman 2” as well. What a gig, right?

And then, as if to make me even happier, I found out that he would play the Archangel Michael in the horror flick “Legion”. That movie received some mixed reviews, there were some pretty cheesy lines in it. Nevertheless, it was a horror movie, Paul Bettany was basically the main character trying to save the world, and that was enough to make me happy.

He’s been in a bunch of other movies, including “A Beautiful Mind”. To see more of what he’s done, click here.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bettany!

Paul Bettany - Suited Up

7 thoughts on “Paul Bettany’s Birthday (Born this Day in 1971)!

  1. Ooh, we like Mr Bettany, but I can’t remember what I’ve seen him in. I checked the IMDB site (as you so kindly linked to) but I don’t remember seeing any of the listed films. Perhaps I’ve only seen trailers?

    Ah, well… Happy Birthday to him, anyway.

  2. IDV: He’s definitely in trailers, and “Legion” was released on DVD and Blueray recently. Isn’t he a lovely guy, though? Married to Jennifer Connelly, though. Boo. :) I guess I’m happy for them, though.

    Churlita: He was so cute in that movie.

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