“Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those Summer nights”

– A guy startled me the other day, just as I was turning the corner at work. Surprised, I dodged him with a little one-foot, sideways hop. My friend noticed this, and as I continued my original path, I heard her laugh, which made me laugh. When I returned to the desk she had a grin on her face. I said, “You saw that, didn’t you?”

“I did!” She laughed and continued, “I’ve heard of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, but not ‘Dancing with the Receptionist’!”

– My coworker and I have started a mental list of things we wished we had never heard from our other coworkers. Those topics include certain medical procedures (involving scopes), suggestive phrases like: “Daddy likes!”, “Come in through the back door” and “Get it up!”, certain images, etc. The list goes on. It’s what we call an “active document”. You can always add to it.

– I’m requesting some vacation days for mid June. Just a few days that will run into the weekend, so that technically I’ll have five days off. Requesting days off in this new position might get tricky, since we have to make sure there’s enough coverage for the phones while I’m gone. But I have to use my days, I’ve got a little under 20 vacation days to burn off before the end of the year.

– Yesterday while I was on the phone with another coworker from another department, he asked me to look something up on the computer. While I was checking on his info, he asked, “Has anyone told you today that you’re awesome?” I said, “Um, no, actually, they haven’t!” So he told me that I was awesome and then I said he needed to call me at 2:45 each day to say that to me again. He said he’d mark it on his calendar.

– Since it is Summer-hot this week, I decided to wear shorts on my walk after work and show off my pasty-white (“ivory bisque”) legs. Turns out 99% of the people who were walking or jogging on the same path had not soaked up the rays recently either, so I didn’t feel self-conscious.

– I watched “Justified” last night, knowing there will only be a few more episodes until the end of the season. Part of me thought I should really get some sleep, but then I ate a bit of candy and was revived enough to watch the show. I was recording it anyway, but it was a great episode. In the first episode of the season, the main character, Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant), is talking to his ex-wife. She says that, even though he may hide his temper from most people, he’s the angriest man she knows. His character does remain mellow and calm during most of the episodes, but I think the audience, myself included, waits for that anger to flare up towards the crooks and murderers he’s trying to stop. He does not disappoint us! It’s a great show. Season 2 will not be here fast enough.


8 thoughts on ““Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those Summer nights”

  1. Dancing with co-workers is against the rules, young lady.

    Forget the mental list, write this stuff down and post it to the Internet for all of us to enjoy. Talk about holding back.

    I’ve been wearing shorts for quite a while and legs still appear to be pasty white. Of course, it goes against my better judgement to artificially tan, so I guess passers-by with have to be blinded.

  2. haha! I like the sound of that active document. Oh, the things we do to stay entertained at work…including dancing :-)

    You should definitely be told that you are awesome every single day, because you ARE!!!

  3. That would make for a great series I think.. next it will be Dancing with Teacher’s.. lol.. it’s nice to be appreciated by a random stranger.. but everyday.. that almost qualifies for creepyness..lol You are awesome though…!

  4. Silver: Oh I know! But it’s kind of a good thing they don’t think about it, because it wouldn’t be as funny.

    AlienCG: Yup, gotta stick to the policy…and the memos.

    Okay, from now on I’ll share my mental list of things I didn’t need to hear. Sharing is caring, right?

    Laura B.: Aw, thank you! It was very unexpected from that guy, too. I was just minding my own business. :)

    Churlita: It is! Almost as gratifying as actually going on that little vacation!

    BabyBull: Yes, “Dancing with the Teachers”, “Dancing with Headquarters” or “Dancing with the Executive Secretaries”… It could be a whole new thing, and I think I would actually watch those shows! :)

    I agree, excessive complimenting from the same dude everyday would be a little too much.

  5. You certainly are having a great week at work! It’s nice to have vacation days to spend. I once had 2 months to burn off 2 and a half weeks of vacation days before I lost them. Took a cross country road trip from the East Coast to the Great Lakes then down part of Route 66 through the Southwest before heading on back along the Gulf Coast states. Back then, gas was just under a dollar! Much cheaper than flying.

    I hope you get your vacation days, and it’s nice to be recognized for your good work by coworkers. And how fantastic are your coordination and balance skills to avoid collision and keep on going!

  6. Eros: You drove up to the Great Lakes and you didn’t say hello?? Sheesh. :) That sounds like an awsome vacation, though. My dad used to drive us up to Michigan when my brother was in college, and to me that felt like a long distance trip. But I liked it, I could just look out the window and zone out.

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