Ideas for June!

Hey everyone! June is coming up soon, can you believe it? May seemed like a long month for some reason. Anyway, I welcome any eclectic holiday ideas you may have stored in those fantastic brains! Birthdays, anniversaries, crazy days, etc. Thank you! :)

Here is an old, blurry photo of my late cat, Claudia with my current roomie Skittles. They were about to start wrestling on the bed. Scandalous.

Claudia and Skittles - Smackdown


9 thoughts on “Ideas for June!

  1. June 18th is Social Animal’s 21st Birthday…yikes.

    Hmmm…I keep thinking of things that rhyme with June….

    Celebrate the Moon Day
    Who’s Your Favorite Crooner Day
    Make a Balloon Animal Day
    Sing a Tune Day

    Okay…stopping now :-)

  2. Aaaaaw, I love it when cats wrestle!

    Having failed EPICALLY with coming up for a day in May, and because I’me exhausted from work and am finally getting my first bit of time off in June, I propose we have a ‘take a day to chillout and treat yourself’ day!

  3. Silver: Oh cool, yes we’ll have to add your birthday to the list!

    Churlita: Thanks for busting out that idea! :P

    Laura B: I like those days, especially “Sing a Tune Day”!

    Tim: Hey, I’m hoping to take some vacation days too, next month! I sent in my request today. The only catch is that now I have to make sure there’s enough coverage at the front desk before escaping for a few days.

    “Take a Day to Chill Out and Treat Yourself” will definitely be added! Thank you!

  4. Father’s Day.. and our 17 th Anniversary June 15th (not our wedding)..

    Seeing that Father’s Day is coming up: Give Your Old Man A Tie Day!

    Old Spice : Be A Real Man Day (as in the commercial)

    Chill In A Kiddie Pool Day!

  5. I had to throw out the last kiddie pool as it had holes in it.. so much for blow up kiddie pools.. this year maybe something a little more

  6. BabyBull/MHW: Oh no! I remember my parents buying me a plastic kiddie pool with a little built in slide. The first day I had it, I think I started peeling off the layer of protective plastic.

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