Books, Coffee, Shoes and Brooms

This weekend was so nice. I basically did whatever I wanted, even if that included chores I never expected myself to get done, or even want to do. But I also relaxed, played video games and shopped a bit.

I decided this weekend that my Swiffer was too frustrating, and I decided to go old school. I bought a regular broom and dustpan. I don’t know what the big difference is, really. The Swiffer didn’t “trap” as much dirt as they say in the commercials, it was pretty much sweeping things around like a regular broom. I suppose I’ll use it for just touch up. But there wasn’t any messing around with the broom, it helped a great deal. Then after I swept the floors, I decided to mop them. Again, I use a regular mop, now, not a Swiffer WetJet (which requires oodles of AA-size batteries) or a Swiffer Mop. I felt very accomplished, and I’m proud of my floors.

On Sunday while I was talking to my mom, I looked down at my shoes and realized they had seen better days. They were falling apart. After I shared my revelation with my mom, I went off to the shoe store and bought a few pairs o’shoes. I almost bought some gloriously cute, blue tennis shoes. Then I turned and found what I was looking for – proper walking shoes, the kind that are supposed to tone the muscles. There were three kinds, though. There was a pair of black shoes, but they were more like clogs, without any back to them. It would be hard enough to learn to walk with their rocking chair type of sole, but there also wasn’t any support. Then I tried another pair on with a back, and those were way too chunky and made me look weird.

And then, like the story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, the third pair was just right. Awesome, in fact. It didn’t have the curve the other two did. Instead, there were air pockets up under the ball of the foot and near the back. Soooo comfortable. I also bought some red sandals. Anyway, I paid for my shoes and then put my new walking shoes on once I got to the car.

I had Borders on my mind since last Thursday, so I decided to check out their book selection, find something I want to read and then go to the adjacent coffee shop to chill. I like their selection of books on psychology, so I headed over there. I wound up buying a book called “The Pocket Therapist” by Therese J. Borchard. Page after page of helpful advice the author has gathered from therapists throughout the years. I’m only half way through it, but I have been able to take so much of what she has written and store it in my head for the next time I need to motivate myself or calm down….which is usually several times a day.

Also bought a card game that is supposed to help you bring out your creative abilities. I misunderstood the idea and thought it was a card game about dreams and how to manipulate them while we sleep. I might have to take that one back and see if I can buy something else. And yuss, I actually saved the receipt! It’s a miracle!

Oh and I did take my book and go to the coffee shop. I ordered a white chocolate mocha and a lemon-flavored muffin. Both were worth the money.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry and reading my book in between batches. The laundry is all done, including nice clean sheets for the bed. It’s so nice to climb into a bed with fresh sheets and fluffed up pillows. That’s one of the things in the book I’m reading. Not about bed sheets, but about simple joys. It’s important for us to notice and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Here are my new shoes:


15 thoughts on “Books, Coffee, Shoes and Brooms

  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend! Books, coffee, muffins, new shoes (really cute!)…I’m in :-)

    I love the idea of appreciating simple pleasures. I try really hard to remember to do just that.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, I too like clean bed linen – especially a nice cold plump pillow. I am reminded I need some new shoes too, just never get the time to go and try on a few selections. I’d love to just go and buy a book and sit in a coffee-house to read it. Sounds lovely.

  3. Silver: I tried to salvage the old ones – clean them up a bit so that I could give them away to Salvation Army. But I put them in the washer with my laundry, and then in the dryer, and they fell apart completely.

    IDV: I should’ve asked for your guidance before buying a proper broom! It totally slipped my mind to ask how it handles the open air! Now I’ll have to take it for a test fly. :) I don’t think the broom I bought is old, though, it looks pretty strong.

    Laura B: The muffin was really good, I wish it had been bigger!

    Tim: We actually have two good Borders nearby – the one I usually go to is smaller, but we have a big sprawling one a few towns over.

    And thanks, I really like my new shoes!

    Churlita: I used to be able to hang the sheets over my balcony railing to air dry, and that was an amazing smell.

    FW: Oo yeah, the cool spots on the bed and under the pillows are always nice! Especially during the Summer.

  4. The new shoes look great! I have to buy running shoes about every 6 months or so. It’s not so much that I wear them out, it’s just then they are so comfortable after being broken in that they end up being my regular shoes instead of running shoes.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. That’s good. It’s always nice to have a few days to rest, relax, and do the the fun things that you like.

  5. Eros: I probably should replace my walking shoes more often, but they do become very comfortable. My legs feel good, like they’ve had a workout with my new shoes!

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