Photos Galooore (for Frickety Friday)

I decided I’d catch up on participating in BabyBull’s “Frickety Friday” series, and post some old photos from one or two years ago. Ah, the memories. TGIF!


Making s’mores by my brother’s fire pit a few Summers ago when one of my other brothers was visiting from Arizona. It’s a rare thing to have more than one of my brothers in Ohio anymore. We celebrate with s’mores, I guess!

The Fanged Avenger

My brother’s dog, Carolina, being tormented by one of my nephews. As fierce as this photo looks, she’s a pretty sweet, happy pup….very patient, too.


I don’t even know what year I took this photo – I can’t tell one gosling from another. I don’t name them or keep tabs on them, either. So just pretend I took that photo this year.

Spaghetti DinDin

A spaghetti dinner with three different beverages nearby. I think this was taken during a little get together we had at my place while planning my friend Ksra’s wedding. Nothing like a brainstorming session over tasty pasta, wine and breadsticks! That’s a whole lotta spaghetti on my plate, I think we had leftovers.

Branch Shadows on Snow

Again, like the goslings, I can’t distinguish from one snow fall to the next. I don’t name them. But this was a fresh blanket of snow, the sun was hitting the tree just right and the shadows of the branches looked really cool.

That’s the end of the photo show for now! I hope to take more photos this weekend. I don’t have anything planned, except for helping my mom grocery shop tonight, and then sleeping in and maybe going to the bookstore for some coffee and a good book. What are your plans?


11 thoughts on “Photos Galooore (for Frickety Friday)

  1. NoR: Thanks! As for the layout, I haven’t changed it in like a month and a half or so! :)

    Silver: Tis the season for s’mores! I’m hungry for one or four.

    Churlita: You should!

    Tim: She does look pretty fierce, doesn’t she? She’s a very excitable dog.

  2. What a great collection of fotos! It’s a very interesting glimpse into your world. I’m not sure which is more terrifying, the fierce dog or the goslings (who probably have their psychotic, aggressive parents nearby). The food pics look delicious! And the snow pic is like a postcard. Nice.

  3. Aw, I need to do some Frickety one of these Fridays :-) You don’t name your snowfalls? How callous of you. haha! Those are all really cool pictures. I really like the goslings :-) So much better than Gosslins….

  4. Eros: Thank you! :) Yeah, I personally fear an angry goose charging towards me more than a growling dog who’s just tired of teenagers.

    Laura B: Yes, I’m very callous about snow falls – especially after a bad-ass Winter! >:)

    Seb: I think he bought her in a dark alley about four years ago, from a dodgy character with horns and hooves.

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