“False Alarm” (Poem from Tuesday)

“False Alarm”

Alarms rang suddenly in the night
just when hitting the bed seemed right.
Hastily I dressed
blindly under the stress.
Neighbors who I rarely see
met outside with me, their eyes weren’t filled with glee.
The trucks knew the place
to go just in case.
The men in their uniforms helped out more
as they investigated each floor.
They told us all was clear.
It was comforting to hear.

Hey everybody! I missed yesterday’s poem, so I wrote it today. I have today’s poem coming too. Last night I thought I’d get to bed earlier, so I set a show to record and went to bed at 9:30, very hopeful that I’d be able to fall asleep, my eyes were heavy. Then at 10pm, the apartment’s fire alarm went off. This one was different than the other building I was in; this was one of those large bells that was much, much louder and more startling.

I jumped out of bed, got dressed and headed outside with other neighbors. Long story short, the alarm went off twice – they were both false alarms, or someone may have had too much time on their hands and felt the need to watch their building evacuate. I missed the punchline, I was not pleased. It took me awhile for my hands to stop shaking once I was back at my place, and it was one of those nights where it felt like I struggled to sleep. Thankfully, it wasn’t a real fire.


6 thoughts on ““False Alarm” (Poem from Tuesday)

  1. After what you have been through, I can only imagine how much scarier this might have been for you…especially the first time. By the second time, you may have been mostly angry.
    Of course, I’m glad they were false alarms, but it someone is setting it off deliberately they need to be caught and punished in some really evil way.

  2. I hate it when it’s a false alarm waking me up! I’ve been through a few of those! The worst was hearing it 3 times on the same night!

    I’m glad you are fine though and it was not a serious fire. Hopefully, they’ll fix whatever is causing that false alarm.

  3. Laura B: I think that if someone pulled that alarm as a joke, they should be caught and thrown in a cell, and every time they’re ready to sleep, they should ring a fire alarm.

    But yes, that first time it went off, I was freaked out.

    Silver: Yup, everyone’s safe! Thank you! :)

    Eros: Nope, nothing serious, but quite jarring to the nerves!

  4. Churlita: Thank you! It was a drag, especially the second time we all had to go outside. Not everyone was out there, I guess the ones who didn’t join us were either fast asleep or rightfully skeptical.

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