Once I decide to say something,
to ask a question or contribute,
there is no turning back.
Attention is turned to me,
but it’s not as frightening
as it used to be.
There are new feelings
of excitement and anticipation,
knowing that my words will be heard,
my questions will be answered.
And even better, knowing that
I had the courage to speak up.


5 thoughts on ““Attention”

  1. Hear! Hear! Sometimes, you really do need to speak up to be heard or to understand something. Where I work, we have a saying, Stupid questions are easier to handle to stupid mistakes! So ask away!

  2. Laura B: I have days when I struggle and days when I don’t. I have accepted that this is what it’s gonna be like for me. :)

    Eros: Yup, I’ve heard some variation of that saying before, and when I started this new position I was told that it’s better to ask first before making a mistake. And my former manager would say, “Never assume anything.”

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