We’re in for Some Good Luck

We had our dress rehearsal last night at the concert hall. For the most part, we’re ready. We have a drummer again, he’s our director’s best friend. So the two of them are funny together. The guy was not shy about using the “ba-dum tchssh” sound effect after all of our director’s jokes. Anyway, we went through the songs that asked for a drummer first, and then he left.

We eventually got to our least favorite song, “Agnus Dei”. It’s extremely challenging, and last night it was getting on everyone’s last nerve. Our director, T, had us stand up, which I was thankful for, because my back was killing me. Plus, we just sound better when we’re not all crinkled up in a sitting position. Then we couldn’t get the right pitch or something and we were not in sync with the pianist. After a few attempts to get back on track, he said in an irritated, tired tone, “Okay, sit back down.”

Someone remarked about how it sounded like he was losing his voice and he said his throat was dry due to nerves. “I love you guys, but you’re making me nervous!” Then someone joked, “Can’t we just eliminate this song?” I didn’t think he heard her, but then he calmly said, “That is not an option.” Alrighty then, Mr. Cranky Pants! Nobody said that, but you could tell he was getting a bit cranky. He had us sit straight up in our chairs and then went through the song again.

His parents, who sometimes help us practice, were watching us, and around the end of the song he let us sing while he went down to talk to them. He decided it would be best to pick up the pace of the song so that we can stay in pitch. I was glad he said that, but we still have some work to do on the song, and the concert is this Saturday. T finally decided we would work on it more during the practice on concert day.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to be the one to speak up again in our Soprano section, and it pisses me off. After the Cackler’s extremely high-pitched solo, we Sopranos get a bit lost in the notes, but the director doesn’t seem to notice. The same woman who was mumbling about a problem last time but relied on others to do the talking was at it again. She didn’t speak up and tell T that we need to go over that part, but she told me about it. I was tired, my nerves weren’t there last night. But I will bring it to his attention on Saturday. It’ll be a bit last minute, but really, why must I be the one? I can do it and I will, but c’mon.

Oh and while we were going through our nemesis of a song, the Cackler sang her part and overreached a bit with her high note. It did not go unnoticed. When we dispersed to go home, I noticed the director talking to her, telling her to tone down that note and sing it a little softer. I felt kind of bad for her and the pressure she has with that particular solo, but she’s a professional (well – she has her moments), and I know she’ll try.

I’ve heard that if a dress rehearsal doesn’t go well, then that’s good luck. So we’ve got some good luck coming our way for Saturday!

Plus, all of the other songs sound ready. I can imagine all of those songs sounding terrible while our most hated song comes out beautiful. That will not be the case. We will have a good concert, we’ll conquer that freakin’ song in time.


5 thoughts on “We’re in for Some Good Luck

  1. You guys will do great. I think even your challenging song will come together in the heat of the moment. There is always a lot of pressure before a big event, but thinking back on all your performances I bet you can’t name one unmitigated disaster. Yay Choir!

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