Mothers and Mayhem

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of you cool muthahs out there! What did you do this weekend? I went to lunch with my mom and sister-in-law, and then we shopped. We were in a little part of a nearby town, where they usually have festivals in the Summer, and there are a few restaurants and an ice cream shop. Saturday’s weather, however, was not so warm and sunny – it was cold (to the point of a few flakes of wet snow) and windy. But that didn’t dampen our spirits or credit cards, no sirree!

We all bought some nice stuff, and I discovered a shop that sold lots of Irish/Celtic jewelry, clothing and music. I also found a book called “Vampyres & Other Perilous Creatures”. It had impressive photos of nasty…um…well creatures and “vampyres”, and it even has a section on how to detect if you’re conversing with a vampire, or maybe if you have been infected.

Then the book lists popular ways to kill a vampire. We all know that you can either behead a vampire or drive a stake through his/her heart (that’s just stuff everyone should know). But if those two things aren’t possible, you can always steal the vampire’s left sock (I didn’t even realize vampires wore socks – I am so behind the times), fill it with rocks, sand and gravel and then throw it into a river outside of the city limits so that the vampire can’t return. I hope you were taking notes on all this, and no I’m not talking about notes like “She needs help” or “Tara needs some serious therapy”. I’m talking about vampires, people. Focus. Anyway, I found out that the book I bought was meant for children. Hmm – maybe teenagers, but I can’t see little kids looking at some of those photos and then not having nightmares afterwards.

My mom surprised me by telling me to pick out two pairs of earrings that I liked at another shop, because she was going to buy them for me as a Mother’s Day present. She reasoned that I am a good mother to her when she needs help. Aww! Don’t worry, I bought her two full pots of red geraniums earlier that week for her day.

We all had a great lunch and then eventually headed back home. My mom’s electricity was out, so we sat around and talked. Eventually the lights flickered back on and we had coffee and ice cream and then my sister-in-law and I headed home.

This was all done on Saturday, so Sunday was spent watching movies, listening to music and catching up on chores. So that concludes my action-packed weekend!


8 thoughts on “Mothers and Mayhem

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with family! That’s fantastic. Good shopping, good food, and good company equals good times!

    I’ll keep a stake handy in case I can’t get that vampyre’s sock!

  2. Silver: I don’t know why they insist on spelling vampire with a “y” in the middle of it. Maybe that’s the old way. I’m glad I bought the book, the main thing that drew me to it was when I looked inside and read directions on how to protect yourself against vampires and how to take one down. :)

    NoR: Aw thank you! :)

    Tim: I would think that if we’re close enough to be able to take the left sock off of a vampire, then we’re too close. But now you know one of the lesser known ways to remove a vampire. Consider yourself schooled.

    Thank you about the blog layout – it’s a new design from WordPress called “Bueno”.

    Laura B: Thank you! And yup, my mom is pretty darned awesome. :)

    Eros: It’s best to have a few weapons on hand if you’re expecting a vampire. There has got to be a Plan A through Z just in case.

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