Eek, I forgot to post my poem for yesterday. Here’s one I created on Friday night.


Relaxing after a frustrating day
listening to a song from our choir,
and remembering
how much it snowed
the day of that concert.
I drove, white-knuckled, through the blizzard
to get to the hall.
The show must go on, right?
So many of us showed up.
It warmed and empowered my soul.
It was almost a sold-out event.
We rocked. I felt it, our director felt it….we all did.
I will never forget it.
When I hear a song from that particular concert,
my heart beams.


3 thoughts on ““Troopers”

  1. Laura B: That was back when I first rejoined the choir in 2007, and I’ll never forget it. My mom surprised me by showing up that day too, in spite of the weather!

    Eros: Oh this was a concert from 2007 – but yes it was such a nice concert. Lots of happy memories!

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