She’s a Killah Cat

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

9 thoughts on “She’s a Killah Cat

  1. I think Fidget would be more likely to plot a revenge or try to kill me.. She has that look in her eye that says “I’ll get you”.. Riley is too laidback and would try to stop her from hurting his Mommy!

  2. I don’t have any cats. Although there are a few strays who like to hang out on my porch every now and then. Most seem harmless. One might possibly be capable of plotting evil schemes, but we keep our distance from each other.

  3. Silver: Oh they’re worth it, when you’re not sleeping with one eye open. ;)

    NoR: I’m not sure if she’ll eat me, she’s a vegetarian.

    Churlita: Be on alert, just in case. :)

    Babybull: At least you have one cat on your side! But then again he could be working you – making you feel secure and protected until you have your guard down.

    Laura B: Yes, but there’s a 20% chance she might change her mind! Isn’t that comforting? ;)

    Tim: That’s exactly what she wants us to believe!

    Suze: Wow, doesn’t he have his own people to threaten? He has to resort to neighbors?

    Eros: Those strays that hang out on your porch are spies. Don’t sleep with the blinds open.

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