Walk and Reflect

I went walking down the nearby nature trail after work yesterday. Lots of people were out riding bikes and walking either their dogs or…well themselves I guess. :) The air was filled with the fragrance of blossoms – maybe lilac. The perfume factories have yet to create a scent that smells exactly of Spring blossoms and fresh air.  They can pretend that they’ve bottled the smell of a rainstorm, but nope.

Anyway, I needed that walk. People are putting together a certain report this week. There’s a section for each department, and the section from the department I used to work in was always dumped on me. Didn’t have many people to ask for guidance, they were doing their own thing, and everyone had their own method. So I found my own way and had been doing it that way until my position ended.

For the record, I hate to use the word “dumped”, but that’s what it felt like. It’s a report everyone hates, and my old manager just didn’t want to touch it at all. My new manager tried to understand a little bit of it once, but I still had to do the work. I’m so glad I’m out of that department now. However, I still needed to walk through the whole thing with my former manager. We both get frustrated with each other, and he’s intimidating because if he’s confused he blames everyone else and is all up in everyone else’s grill. I think this is the first time I have used that expression. Anyway, somehow I explained stuff to him and, to my relief he said, “Ah I understand now. Thank you!” Whew.  I do want to get to the point when they won’t need to ask me – they can just work on their own stuff. But as a coworker told me when I confessed to her that my old manager intimidates me, “Remember, he’s asking YOU for help. You have the information, he doesn’t. Don’t let him get to you.” Very wise words.


4 thoughts on “Walk and Reflect

  1. Those ARE wise words! I can fully understand why you’d feel so frustrated though. I think this new job has turned out to be a real blessing.

    I LOVE taking a walk to clear my head and right now the weather is perfect for it.

  2. Well how about that? A lovely walk on a lovely day and you’re finding out just how wonderful your new position is. Your coworker is truly a wise person, and I really do think that you made a great choice in taking the new position. The change seems to have been a truly wonderful surprise in so many unexpected ways.

  3. Laura B: I admire my coworker’s strength. She doesn’t let many people rattle her nerves. It happens, but not that often.

    Churlita: Sometimes walking for a few days is what does the trick. Or, of course, having a therapy session on the swings. :)

    Eros: Thank you, I know I made a great choice. Yes, there are a few things I need to get used to, but I am adjusting! But yes I am glad I’m in a new position now. I feel better about going to work in the morning!

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