Ohhhh choir. It was a hoot tonight – more so than last time! Maybe we’re all excited about the fact that next Monday will be our dress rehearsal for that Saturday’s concert. Or maybe it was just happy energy conjured up by nice weather, fun music and funny people.

The main thing we laughed about was our director pointing out that we sing a sweet, romantic song from “Guys and Dolls” called “I’ll Know”. It’s a character singing about the day he/she will know when their “love comes along”. Then we follow that up with the song “Murder, Murder” from “Jekyll and Hyde”. I guess someone in a previous practice jokingly suggested to our director that someone flash the lights of the concert hall on and off when we sing the “Murder, Murder” song. Then more suggestions started sprouting up. The Cackler piped up and said, “Well there are times when I want to do that to my husband!” (referring to the “murder, murder” part). I laughed, I was enjoying the whole thing. Then the Cackler turned to me, still cackling and said in a “You’d have to be there” tone, “You’ve never been married…” I laughed back and said, “After this, I don’t think I want to be!” Later on (after choir, after I had a very good laugh) I thought, “How does SHE know I’ve never been married??” She’s a presumptuous little Soprano, isn’t she? I was not offended, no where near offended. I just considered the source.

Then another instance during choir was when we were going over one particular part. Our director wanted us to start on page 4 of the song. Someone asked, “The top of page 4?” We had been going over that whole page for a good ten minutes. One of the guys near me scoffed and growled within earshot, “Where else would we be starting at? Jeeezus!!” I loved it, I had my own little giggling moment.

Oh and while watching “X-Men 2” this past weekend, I noticed that one of the dramatic songs that was playing in the background during a battle scene was one of the songs, one of my favorite songs, we’re practicing for our concert, “Dies Ire”. I was very much amused when I caught that tune on TV. We sing it with tons o’passion. Tons.

Anyway, I’m think that’s it for this particular post. But that first thing was really two amusements in one. The sweet song followed by the song about murder and then the Cackler sayin’ somethin’ stupid. To me and about me! The nerve. ;)


7 thoughts on “Deeelight.

  1. Eros: I don’t think she WAS expecting that response, it kind of quieted her down if only for a micro second. ;)

    We did have lots of fun. I’m gonna miss it when we’re done for a few months. After the concert, we won’t start back up again until September.

    NoR: Nope, not always a giggle, especially last night.

  2. The Cackler never quite got over jr high did she? I can’t stand those kinds of people who try to make everyone else feel bad by making snotty remarks. I though your reply was perfect.

  3. I know you guys are working hard, but your choir rehearsals always sound like so much fun. However, now I am forced to wonder about what sort of man would marry a Cackler. Hmmm..

  4. Churlita: I was glad I did have a reply for her. I gave my friend a handmade bar of soap once when we were all sitting down for rehearsal, and the Cackler waved it off saying that it is SO easy to make soap. It is, but shut the hell up and stay out of it.

    Laura B: I wonder that too, she doesn’t quite seem like she’s the romantic type! But yes we do have lots of fun!

    Sebastien: Good point, I’m thinking he does too. :)

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