May 2010!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is finally a new month. I don’t know what kind of problem I have with April, but for some reason it just doesn’t sit well with me. It seemed to take forever to end. Anyway, thank you again for helping me with the list of holidays! And since it is Salsa Month, I thought I’d make all of us hungry by posting a beautiful photo of chips and salsa.

MAY 2010!!

1. Plant The Seeds Of Spring Day
2. May Flowers Day (Talk About What You’ve Planted in Your Gardens)
3. BabyBull’s 44th Birthday!
4. Give Your Microwave a Day Off Today (Go Out to Eat or Bake Something in the Oven)
5. Eat Delicious Mexican Food Today – Cinco de Mayo!
6. Learn a New Dance Move Today
7. International Tuba Day
8. Embrace Your Friends from the Past Today
9. Mother’s Day (Show Appreciation for a Mom)
10. Clean up Your Room Day
11. Pizza and Breadsticks Appreciation Day
12. International Nurses Day/Receptionists Day
13. Frog Jumping Day
14. National Chicken Dance Day
15. Choir Appreciation Day
16. Have a Picnic Day (Indoor or Out)
17. World Hypertension Day (Hypertension Awareness)
18. Write Everything in Very Small Print Today
19. Make Your Own List of Ten Commandments and Hand It Over to Someone Today (Shavuot)
20. Handsome Lad’s 13th Birthday!/Timothy Olyphant’s Birthday (1968)!
21. Airplane Peanut Appreciation Day (Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic on this Day in 1927)
22. Australia Flag Day (1909)
23. Dine on Cheese and Crackers Today
24. Victoria Day! (Canada)
25. Interoffice Envelope Appreciation Day
26. Dance Around With a Bunch of Silk Scarves Today (Stevie Nicks – Born This Day in 1948)
27. Paul Bettany’s Birthday (Born this Day in 1971)!
28. Take a Photo of a Bridge in Your Town Today (Golden Gate Bridge opened This Day in 1937)/Tim Gets an IPad!
29. Melissa Etheridge’s Birthday! (1961)
30. Celebrate Water Day/5 Year Blogiversary of Eclectic Spaghetti!
31. Memorial Day!


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