Hide the Ladders, Mirrors and Black Cats

My car’s brake light flickered on and off recently – I think I told you about that one. That was fixed. Then this week, while driving home for lunch, I heard an unsettling, crunching noise from my back brakes. Awesome. Didn’t they just look at this train wreck of a car? So I took it back in this week – Wednesday – and on Thursday I found out that I needed new rear brakes. There must’ve been a screw or rod that had been rusted off and that’s what was causing the noise. The guys that had looked at my car apparently hadn’t looked looked – hadn’t looked under the tires or anything. So the main mechanic reassured me that he would look at the car himself. Oooo! He did and found out I needed the new back brakes. He fixed it all up for a price that, really, seemed reasonable. I had my car worked on years ago by another mechanic from another place and he would’ve charged me double.

My mom dropped me off last night (around 6ish) to pick up my car, and we both decided she could head on home. She left, and I picked up my car and headed home myself. After I stopped to fill up my tank, I got home to find out I had three voicemail messages. The first one was just garbled, wrong number chatter. The next two messages were more important.

My mom was almost home from dropping me off when she got into a car accident! She is fine – very, very lucky, was able to walk away with a burn on her elbow from when the airbag deployed, and her neck was a little red from the seatbelt. She had put her arm in front of her when the airbag popped out. Otherwise, who knows, it could’ve been much worse! Even more worse if she hadn’t worn her seatbelt. The other driver was okay too. My mom’s poor car will need work, it is out of commission for now.

So there is some drama that needs to be sorted out from all of that, and my mom is thinking about how much more affordable – and less frightening – it would be if she didn’t have to use a car at all anymore. We have free transportation for senior citizens out here, and she would like to use that for grocery trips and appointments with the doctor. Then of course she has me and one of my brothers. I don’t know if she’ll change her mind about the no-car issue later on, but that’s how it stands.

That’s the newest drama! I feel like, with car problems and crashes, one of us has walked under a ladder or broken a mirror somewhere down the line. Oh well. Could be much, much, much, much worse.


11 thoughts on “Hide the Ladders, Mirrors and Black Cats

  1. Oh my goodness. I’m so glad your mom was okay, and I can certainly understand her reluctance to drive at the moment. That may change, but at least she has options.
    Also, glad your breaks were less expensive than you were prepared for. That is always nice.

  2. Wow. That is a rough day! I’m really glad that your mother is fine and not seriously hurt. Accidents are scary. I can relate to her thoughts of not wanting to drive as much. I certainly remember being afraid of driving after I got into my first accident. I got T boned by a utility truck–my car got totaled and it was a really frightening experience. I never thought I would drive again. But the cop who helped me at the scene helped me understand that accidents happen, and eventually, I would drive again. He was right.

    I hope your mother has a speedy recovery and I hope that things calm down for you.

  3. I’m glad your mum’s ok, and that you’ve found a reasonably priced mechanic – They’re as rare as gold dust!

    You could try crossing a black cat’s path (don’t let it cross yours, though) tocancel out any remaining bad luck, but it sounds like you’ve probably had it all now, anyway.

  4. Silver: Yeah, seriously!

    Laura B.: She’s had two or three people tell her that she’ll probably change her mind about the driving issue. Right now she has me and my brother to help her, so she’s set!

    FW: Thank you! Yeah that was a scary voicemail message to come home to.

    Eros: Thank you, and I’m sorry to hear about your accident too! I had one too awhile back and although my car wasn’t totalled, I’ll remember that night forever. My mom is a little bruised, and her spirits were a little crushed on Saturday, but she feels much better now, and knows things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been.

    IDV: Thanks IDV! Yes, affordable mechanics are very rare. I think the guy who was overpriced at the shop I used to go to expected me to follow him to his next location. Not for what he charged for repairs.

    And yes, I’m hoping that all of the bad luck stuff has moved on. But hopefully not to anyone else. Can’t it just….you know….disappear?

  5. Oh no, what an automotive disaster day! Glad to hear your mum’s OK – it’s a good thing that cars are so safe these days.

    My mum’s driving a lot less now she’s got her Freedom Pass for … um, people of a certain age. In fact, she sort of considers using the trains and buses as a bit of an adventure rather than a chore! Maybe your mum will be the same?

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s accident and your car problems. I live in a small enough town that I can ride my bike where I need to go. The only times I drive are for shopping and picking up and dropping off my girls.

  7. Tim: Thank you, she was feeling down on Saturday but was feeling much better and more positive on Sunday.

    It has usually been an adventure whenever the two of us have ventured onto a bus or our transit system, so that is an option! She’s definitely interested in the senior bus, too.

    Churlita: If my mom needs something quick from the store, there’s a convenient store across the street. It’s right next to a hardware store too, and she loves those. My brother has offered his help too.

  8. thank GAWD she was ok!

    cars are great, but they take a LOT of maintenance. I try and ride my bike as much as possible, but living fully car free is unfathomable for me here in Phoenix.

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