Weekend O’Movies

I love the fact that the mailman who delivers mail at my apartment is the same one who delivers mail at my office. He has saved me a trip to the post office on several occasions now, since he knows where I work. I ordered some movies on Amazon recently, and I haven’t had to travel to the post office to collect them because he will just stop by the front desk. Awesome! Cuz I hate waiting for movies I’ve ordered. I bought: “Alien Resurrection”, “Eastern Promises” and “The Core”. Then I bought “Avatar” and my copy of “The Reader” arrived via Netflix. It was gonna be a movie-watching weekend!

I have “Alien” and “Aliens”, but I won’t buy “Alien 3”. I didn’t like that one, by then I was tired of the dark and drippy, rainy planet she (Ripley) was stuck on, and I was disturbed by the ending. So imagine my delight when “Alien Resurrection” came out and Ripley was back..or rather her clone was back. Plus, another obscure crush of mine, Michael Wincott, was in the movie, if only for a brief moment.

“Eastern Promises” was an amazing movie. When I first watched it, I was shocked over how much of Viggo Mortensen (yet another celebrity crush…Are you counting?) I was able to see in the movie, but I was still able to appreciate the story and the wonderful acting. The nude, mafia fight scene in the spa is more convincing, less jarring and more natural the second time you watch the movie.

“The Reader” was a movie I’ve been meaning to watch for quite awhile now, and it was worth the wait. It was about a young man who falls in love with a mysterious German woman who wants him to read to her. They have a torrid affair until one day she disappears. He becomes a law student and finds out she is on trial as a Nazi war criminal. Excellent acting, great story.

“Avatar” – Lots of tall, blue people, lots of beautiful scenery and sacred trees and Sigourney Weaver emerging from a sleep capsule….again. :)

So that about sums up my weekend plans. Tonight is another choir rehearsal. On Monday mornings I feel like I won’t have enough steam to go sing later on, but usually I feel different by the end of the day. So I guess I’ll see how I feel later on, right? Go team.


8 thoughts on “Weekend O’Movies

  1. How cool about your mailman. Mine leaves my Netflix deliveries all over the place…stuffed into my tiny mailbox with all the junk, on top of the mailboxes, on my doormat. I never know where it will turn up!

    Great choices! That is my kind of weekend.

    I will be looking forward to hearing about choir practice…seems like there is always a tale or two to tell there :-)

  2. I quite liked Alien 3 – I thought it was really brave of the filmmakers to not just repeat Aliens again with bigger guns. Admittedly it is a flawed movie though!

  3. I can’t remember if I saw Alien 3 or not. I may have to get it via Netflix and then get Alien Resurrection. The only other movie I saw in that group was Avatar. Sounds like a good plan for a weekend.

  4. NoR: Sometimes I rent (I rented “The Reader” through Netflix), but I like to collect movies, too, so that I can watch them again.

    Laura B.: Oh he will put my Netflix rentals in my mailbox, but if I order movies from Amazon or other places, or if there’s a package that’s too big, he will deliver it to my work.

    I’m glad you like my choir stories! :)

    Tim: I’m glad you were able to enjoy Aliens 3, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think the 2nd one will always be my favorite.

    Eros: It was fun, I made popcorn and enjoyed!

    Silver: I wish I had read the book first, but yeah I really liked the movie.

    AlienCG: I think I only saw “Aliens 3” once when it was in theaters, and I was just so depressed about it that I didn’t want to see it again.

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