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– I went to one of the few remaining choir rehearsals last night, it won’t be long before we’ll be lining up for the concert! No Cackler stories this time, we all had a fun rehearsal. Our director was in a great, goofy mood and had us laughing many times. If he ever quits….well that just isn’t gonna happen, we’ll chain him to the church if it ever comes down to that issue.

– Someone hacked into my email or there was a worm or whatever, but someone used my email to send people links about Viagra. Good times. If you received one of those (an email, not Viagra), I’m sorry. Not my idea of fun drama for a Tuesday morning!

– I finally rented “Twilight” this past weekend. I do tend to like vampire and werewolf movies, and I was really interested in finding out what all the hype was about with this series. Aside from wanting to give the character Bella either a slap or a large shot of caffeine to wake her up and paint some emotion on her face (there was more emotion from the vampire and his whole family), I liked the movie. What I really want to rent now is “New Moon” since one of my crushes, Michael Sheen is in it.

– Had to set someone straight (again) at work yesterday, but it wasn’t as diva-ish. Just because I’m up at the front desk during the day, doesn’t mean that I’m responsible for all weird calls that get transferred to the wrong person. I was 100% positive that the person they said was forwarded to the wrong person was not forwarded by me. I will not be a doormat people! I will not be a skapegoat for other people’s mistakes. No sirree! I have spoken.

– There will be a staff meeting off site later this week. They’re going to Dave & Buster’s. I’m sure it’ll be fun for all. But I have to stay behind to answer phones. Ack. Oh well. I’ve been there before, and although I’d like to go there again with my coworkers, it’s just not gonna happen this time. I think I should be able to wear jeans to work that day, though. I’ll be behind the desk anyway, nobody would notice. I went walking during lunch yesterday and when I came back I never took off my tennis shoes. Nobody said anything because, well, nobody saw my shoes. Anyway, having to stay behind to take calls reminded me of a dream I had once when someone else was the receptionist. We had a staff meeting on a cruise ship to Alaska, but our receptionist had to stay behind to answer the phones. Meanwhile we were sailing through an ocean of iceburgs. Hmm. I’m sure there’s something symbolic about that dream! Or perhaps I was just thinking about work while watching either The Discovery Channel or “Titanic”.

That’s about it for now! What about you? What’s up?


7 thoughts on “Blog Stew

  1. “Aside from wanting to give the character Bella either a slap”

    You are your mother’s daughter!!! Seriously, though, that’s a VERY well observed Twilight comment you made there!

  2. Lol’d at your Twilight review :-)

    Good for you, for not being a doormat!!! I’m sorry you’ll miss the company outting, but you should def. get to have a casual day. Make them bring you back something!

    Hey, now you can open a business with Harry and Lloyd…We Got Worms. Sorry, too much Dumb and Dumber….

  3. Silver: An after hours thing would be better, but I shall survive. It’ll be nice and quiet when they’re gone!

    Tim: Thank you! Yes, I have my mom’s ninja skills, but I have to keep them under wraps until I need to spring into action. Until then, I practice, practice, practice.

    Churlita: There were so many times she could’ve reacted differently. I would’ve been geeked out and excited if a vampire fell in love with me. Is that wrong? ;)

    Laura B: Yeah, it would be nice if someone brought me back a game card so that I could on a weekend!

    And I certainly caught the “Dumb and Dumber” reference. Hehe. I’m always thinking of the line, “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!”

  4. Still haven’t seen Twilight. And I’m glad you stuck up for yourself. You are a professional!

    Hey, I’ve been there, stayed behind on duty while everyone went somewhere. I kind of liked having the place all to myself! No distractions, no drama, just me, myself, and I!

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