Sundae with All the Fixings

Not much has happened yet today, but yesterday I met up with a friend for lunch. It was a belated birthday treat from her to me. Yay! We met at the Thai place at 11:30, but we realized they didn’t open until noon. So we headed off to the nearby mall to do some browsing and chatting. She used to work with me, so I filled her in on my new position and all the stuff that’s been going on since she left.  We just looked around the mall for about a half hour (while trying to avoid the pushy and desperate sales people hiding in the mall kiosks) and then went back to the restaurant.

As for the lunch, it was delish as always. I had my favorite dish, beef macadamia, and my favorite beverage – bubble tea. This time I ordered plum-flavored bubble tea and it was very tasty. In fact I think I liked it more than the honeydew-flavored tea I had last time.

Once lunch was over and we dispersed, I decided to head back to the mall to see if I could find some new clothes. I did and everything I picked out was on sale. I love having new clothes to wear for a brand new week. I picked out one dress that was really pretty. It’s mostly black but has a violet-colored flower print on the front. I feel purty….Oh so purty.

Headed home and decided to do the laundry. And that’s when the zombies attacked. They were all waiting in the laundry room and I had to fight them off all by myself using my laundry basket, detergent and heavy container of bleach. They’ll know next time not to mess with me.

Actually that last part didn’t happen, but I felt like this post needed some excitement. Happy Monday!


11 thoughts on “Sundae with All the Fixings

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend–a meal with a friend at your fave place and new clothes! Fantastic! Good thing those zombies didn’t bug you too much in the laundry room–they’re awful filthy and covered in grime and might get all your newly laundered clothes dirty again.

  2. Silver: You should pick up some Thai food for lunch today!

    IDV: I wonder what zombie-flavored ice cream would taste like? Brains maybe? Ew.

    Laura B: It was a great day! Plus, she gave me some gifts she bought when she was in Hawaii!

    Seb: Tell me about it!

    Tim: Oh I know! Well they did try to attack, but they did not succeed. They failed, epically.

    NoR: Limping and moaning (and washing and rinsing) to a theater near you!

    FW: Thanks, I’m glad I had enough energy to fight off that zombie gang. :)

    Manuel: That’s what happened to me, I wanted to eat at that place even more. My friend asked if I wanted to go to another restaurant, but by then I was set on going to the Thai place.

    Churlita: It is a drink you should try at least once, and then I think you’d try it several more times after that. I could go for another one right now.

    Eros: I fought off the zombies before they could dirty and stink up my clean laundry. That’s part of their whole strategy. We have to take a stand against that kind of trickery.

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